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Živa Kukman, pharmacist

Živa Kukman

Ziva Kukman, master of pharmacy

High school:

Graduated at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Employed by the company: Expert associate for quality and food supplements, AstraVita d. o. o.,

AstraVita d. o. o.,

6 Beethoven Street,

Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana

IG: @AstraVita

Fb: @AstraVita


A short biography with important highlights

There is Živa Kukman, Master of Pharmacy, who has been working in the field of nutritional supplements and phytotherapy (a science that investigates the alleviation of problems and the prevention of diseases with medicinal plants) since her studies.

She finished her studies with a master's thesis entitled "The influence of boswellic acid on the inflammatory response of CaCo-2 cells stimulated with lipopolysaccharide", where she dealt in more detail with the human inflammatory response and chronic inflammation.

During her studies and a year later, she worked as a pharmacist, where she supplemented her knowledge of medicines, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and, above all, counseling patients. He continues his educational path with doctoral studies in Biosciences at the Faculty of Biotechnology.

Her biggest passion is horses, with which she spends most of her free time.

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