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Weight loss devices / other

Weight loss aids and devices are various products and devices intended to promote weight loss, shape the body, and improve body composition. People choose these devices for various reasons, including the desire to lose weight quickly and effectively, improve physical fitness, shape the body, and improve self-esteem.

Longer category description: Devices/other for weight loss

Gym equipment enables cardiovascular exercise and calorie burning. These devices are famous for their effectiveness in weight loss and improving cardiovascular health. Muscle-strengthening exercise equipment such as weights, balls, bands, and dumbbells are used to perform muscle-strengthening exercises. Strengthening muscles is essential for weight loss, as it increases calorie burning even at rest. Slimming belts are elastic belts or garments worn around the waist and are said to help lose belly fat. Some slimming belts may also contain thermoactive ingredients that are said to increase fat burning in the waist area. Massage tools are used to perform massage on problem areas of the body. Massage can help break down fat cells, improve blood circulation, and eliminate cellulite. Electrical stimulation devices deliver electrical impulses to the muscles, which are supposed to increase muscle activity and burn calories.

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BODY PIRAT anti-cellulite massage pants

From 78.13 €

Lanaform Beauty aspect cellulite remover

293.10 €

Lanaform Cosmetex Legging pants for weight lo...

From 24.48 €

Lanaform gel for weight loss and cellulite el...

27.15 €

Lanaform Mass & Slim pants for weight loss, m...

From 40.76 €

Lanaform Mass & slim slimming belt

From 25.19 €

Lanaform Slimming Mate cellulite remover

45.68 €

Lanaform Stop Cell Cellulite Remover, 1 devic...

34.22 €

Lanaform Support Hoses anti-cellulite and sli...

From 22.36 €

Lansinoh hand pump for pumping milk, 1 pump

47.96 €

Compex FIT 3.0 electrostimulator, 1 set

399.00 €

Futuro belt for a flat stomach - white color,...

From 37.30 €

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