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Manufacturer or responsible person: Vitaking, Hungary
Website: https://vitaking.com
Email: Info@Vitaking.com

General information about the VitaKing brand

Vitaking is a large and well-known manufacturer of quality nutritional supplements, which are a loyal supporter of general human health in today's fast pace of life. The Vitaking line includes a wide range of different dietary supplements, including, of course, the most important ones, such as Omega 3 fish oil, Vitamin D3 4000, Acerola C, Spotted thistle, Collagen powder and many others.

As is commonly known, they are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 helps build membranes around every cell in the body, including brain cells. Therefore, they can improve the structure of these cells called neurons. A 2017 study found that people with high omega-3s have increased blood flow. Researchers have also found a link between omega-3 levels and better cognition or thinking skills.

These results suggest that eating foods rich in omega-3s, such as fatty fish, can improve brain function.

Examples of oily fish that contain high levels of omega-3 include:


People can also get omega-3 from soy, nuts, flaxseed and other seeds. However, we usually do not get enough omega-3 in our diet alone, so it is recommended to take quality dietary supplements every day.

Vitaking Vitamin C is a 100% pharmaceutical grade pharmaceutical grade vitamin, an essential nutrient that is beneficial to the overall health of the body. This highly soluble form of vitamin C provides antioxidant protection to the immune system. It is important for the maintenance and development of healthy bones and tissues, and plays an important role in many biochemical reactions. Because the body does not produce vitamin C, it needs to be supplemented daily. Most highly allergic individuals tolerate Vitaking ascorbic acid well.

However, we must not forget that vitamin D, often called the sun's vitamin, also supports immune and emotional health. It helps absorb calcium and phosphorus, maintains the amount of calcium in the blood and improves the immune system, maintains muscle function and promotes cell division.

If you live in a city with a high smog content, it is advisable to increase your daily intake of vitamin D3 to prevent any harmful diseases or effects.

Also, spotted thistle is also important for cleansing the liver, it often happens that liver problems are triggered in the last fatal stage, so taking it in place.

Whichever Vitaking nutritional supplement you choose, high quality, effective and beneficial support for your health will be provided.

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