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Veroval ECG + BLOOD PRESSURE combined measuring set
Veroval ECG + BLOOD PRESSURE combined measuring set
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Veroval ECG + BLOOD PRESSURE combined measuring set

Manufacturer: Hartmann
Veroval ECG + BLOOD PRESSURE combined measuring set - a mobile meter of heart rate (ECG) and blood pressure, which is ideal for preventing strokes.
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Veroval ECG + BLOOD PRESSURE combined measuring set - a mobile meter of heart rate (ECG) and blood pressure, which is ideal for preventing strokes.

Cardiac arrhythmias, such as dangerous atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure, are major risk factors for stroke. But cardiac arrhythmias usually occur at irregular intervals, so they can only be detected when they occur. With mobile Veroval & reg; With an ECG, you can now record your heart rate anywhere and anytime you detect symptoms. Veroval & reg; the combined device provides you with easy-to-understand information about your results. If you wish, you can print the entire ECG or send it to your doctor via e-mail.

With Veroval medi.connect software, the storage and analysis of all ECG results and blood pressure values is very quick and easy.

& bull; Detection of atrial fibrillation & ndash; the main cause of stroke
& bull; You can record your heart rate in just 30 seconds - anywhere, anytime
& bull; Simple analysis of measured values using a traffic light signaling system
& bull; Detects cardiac arrhythmias such as extrasystoles, an early sign of circulatory disorders, and inflammation of the heart muscle
& bull; The results are immediately presented in an easy-to-understand form, and a detailed view (electrocardiogram) is available to your doctor.

Fully automatic blood pressure measurement

& bull; For gentle and accurate measurement on the upper arm
& bull; Very accurate measurements
& bull; Comfortable, ergonomic cuffs of universal size
& bull; Simple analysis of measured values using a traffic light signaling system
& bull; You can easily save the data with Veroval & reg; medi.connect software
& bull; You can share the data with all Veroval & reg; devices such as a scale or activity tracker
& bull; USB Bluetooth adapter included

ECG information

The excitatory state of the heart can be assessed using an electrocardiogram. Contraction of the heart muscle always causes an electrical stimulus. The resulting changes in stress can be measured on the surface of the body and recorded and plotted. Veroval & reg; the combined ECG and blood pressure monitor is a single-channel ECG device that can detect various arrhythmias. The combined device automatically performs basic recording and status assessment. It automatically assesses whether the heart rate is too fast (Figure 3), too slow (Figure 2), irregular (Figures 5 and 6), interrupted (Figure 4), or normal (Figure 1). The result will show a clear sign on the screen that appears immediately after the measurement.

Proven high level of accuracy

The believed 2 in 1 combined device has a proven, proven top quality measurement. She received the European Hypertension Association quality stamp.

10 golden rules for measuring blood pressure

Blood pressure measurement is influenced by many factors. Observe the following ten general rules to perform the measurements correctly.

1. Stay calm for approx. 5 minutes. Even when working at a desk, systolic blood pressure rises by an average of approx. 6 mmHg and diastolic for 5 mmHg.

2. Do not smoke or drink coffee for one hour before the measurement.

3. Do not take measurements when you are very sensitive to water. A full bladder can cause an increase in blood pressure of approx. 10 mmHg.

4. Measure on the bare upper arm and in an upright sitting position.

5. If you use a wrist blood pressure monitor, you must hold the cuff at heart level during the measurement. With the upper arm blood pressure monitor, the arm cuff is automatically adjusted to the correct height.

6. Do not talk or move during the measurement. By speaking, the values increase by approx. 6 & ndash; 7 mmHg.

7. Wait at least one minute between two measurements, the vein opens again and is ready for a new measurement.

8. When recording measured values, always record the date and time and medications taken, which you can do comfortably and easily with the Veroval & reg; medi.connect.

9. Perform measurements regularly. Even if the values improve, you still need to check them yourself.

10. Always perform measurements at the same time. Because the value of blood pressure in humans changes every day by approx. 100,000 times, individual measurements are not essential. Blood pressure values can only be reasonably assessed if measurements are taken regularly, at the same time each day for a long period of time.

Performing blood pressure measurements

  • Carry out the measurement in a quiet place and in a relaxed and comfortable sitting position.
  • The measurement can be performed on the right or left hand. In the long run, measure at the time when the higher values are displayed. If the values on both hands differ significantly, consult your doctor about which upper arm is more suitable for measurement.
  • Always measure on the same arm, relax the forearm and place it on the ground.
  • It is recommended that you sit while leaning against the back of the chair while measuring your blood pressure. Place your feet flat on the floor, side by side. The legs must not be crossed. Relax your forearm and place it on the base with your palm facing up, making sure the manchet is at heart level.
  • Do not measure blood pressure after bathing or sports activity.
  • You must not eat, drink or be physically active for at least 30 minutes before the measurement.
  • Wait at least one minute between two measurements.

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