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Trstenjak Tamara

Trstenjak Tamara

Name: cosmetic technician, graduate of the College of Cosmetics

Hobbies: dancing, skiing, walking, running

Vision: performance and professionalism at work, upgrading knowledge about cosmetics and cosmetic services, advising clients on the correct choice and use of Heliabriné cosmetics.

General: Since I have always been happy with cosmetics and working with clients, after graduating from high school I decided to cross the threshold of the secondary cosmetic school in Ljubljana and obtain the title of cosmetic technician. With the desire to upgrade my knowledge, I enrolled in the College of Cosmetics after finishing high school. During this time, I got a job at the Karité beauty salon, where I dedicate myself to our customers every day and make sure that they leave the salon smiling and satisfied.
Question: It leads to a question & gt; & gt; Answer: Before we start addressing your issue, I sincerely apologize for the long wait for a response. Unfortunately, due to the crowded schedule, I was unfortunately unable to respond immediately.... read more...

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