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Tearing in the legs

Thursday, 08 December 2022


Can varicose veins cause a tearing sensation?

Pharmacist's response:

One of the most common reasons for visiting a vascular surgeon is leg pain and varicose veins. The pain is described as sharp, tearing, burning, or tingling. In addition, the patient may feel numbness, possibly even a sudden change in skin temperature, have a feeling of squeezing, stinging, or have a so-called "electrical shock" in the legs.

Chronic venous insufficiency can cause pain in the extremities, but this phenomenon rarely occurs and is usually an advanced form of this disease. Small spider veins (called venous ectasia and telangiectasia) may be the first symptoms of venous insufficiency. However, even though they are often obvious, they do not cause discomfort and are primarily of aesthetic importance.

In contrast, blood-filled, large, and thick varicose veins can cause swelling, fatigue, and nagging pain. These unpleasant symptoms are often accompanied by significant swelling (edema) of the lower part of the leg, especially in the ankles. You usually get rid of the problem by lying down with your legs raised above the level of your torso.

These symptoms describe an advanced stage of chronic venous insufficiency, where you need fast and decisive treatment. Otherwise, you risk serious complications. The swelling can quickly cause inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. This condition manifests in skin redness, painful thickening of the subcutaneous tissue, and extensive swelling. In addition, the appearance of deep and non-healing ulcers can be an indicator of inflammatory complications, which can become infected very quickly and cause an unpleasant tearing sensation.

How can we help ourselves with the appearance of painful varicose veins?

Modern methods of interventional treatment are outpatient and minimally invasive methods. Patients can return home immediately after the procedure and, in most cases, immediately return to regular physical activity. Currently, the most effective and safest methods of treating chronic venous insufficiency are intravenous procedures performed with skin punctures controlled by ultrasound, ensuring accuracy and safety.

Many methods are available, namely thermal (laser and RF), chemical (tissue sclerosants), mechanical-chemical, and recently even ultrasound. The vascular surgeon can choose the proper method for each patient or use several simultaneously, making all interventions extremely safe.

Drug Detralex also represents an option for treating or relieving tearing in the legs at the expense of varicose veins and is used in adults and is mainly intended for treating symptoms of chronic venous disease.

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