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Manufacturer or responsible person: Church & Dwight UK LtdConsumer RelationsWear Bay Road Folkestone Kent England CT19 6PG
Website: www.sterimarnasal.co.uk

The nose is your first line of defense

The nose is a very effective filter for your body, it is the first line of defense of the respiratory system. It is able to filter more than 15,000 liters of air per day and thus removes dust, allergens and other impurities. These trap tiny hairs in the nose along the nasal mucosa and carry the impurities to the back of the throat, where they are swallowed before they multiply and cause damage. .

Help your nose defend itself against allergens and germs in the air

If the nasal passage (the inside of your nose) dries out or is clogged, it may not be as effective in performing its key role in maintaining your health. This is where nasal hygiene comes into play. Keeping your nose clean and moisturized can help ensure that your nose stays in top working order to protect itself from airborne contaminants you inhale. It helps prevent the onset of symptoms and reduces the risk of further problems.

So nasal hygiene is not vanity - it actually helps you stay well and breathe.
Keeping your nose clean improves your defenses against cold symptoms, rhinopharyngitis and hay fever. To protect the body and perform its work properly, the nose must remain in top condition, so we recommend the selection of Sterimar products, as they are tested at the level of good quality.

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