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Manufacturer or responsible person: Sitik d.o.o.
Website: http://sitik.si/

Almost all of us have heard of Father Simon Ašič, who was the most famous Stična monk during his lifetime and who distributed herbal knowledge acquired through the study of literature available at the time with great kindness and patience. He also complemented the experience of other experts with his own experience. Today, his heritage and knowledge are passed on and preserved from generation to generation.

Recently, people are returning to nature and natural healing with medicinal plants and biological preparations. Already our ancestors said that for every disease a rose grows. In the range of natural products of Father Ašič, you can choose from a variety of tea blends that are intended to help various diseases and are proven to be effective, the most well-known are certainly the following:

  • Breast Tea
  • Urosit
  • Mirsit
  • Pulsit
  • Diasit
  • Josit
  • Mommy tea
  • Cholesit

Various tinctures, ointments, drops, compression clay, etc. are also available. Certainly, Lučnik syrup is indispensable in the winter months, as it effectively helps with cough in a completely natural way.

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