The category of stoma products includes a wide range of medical devices and products intended for people with a stoma or colostomy. A stoma is an artificially created open outlet on the abdomen that removes waste materials from the body when the natural outlet channels are inaccessible or damaged. The products are designed to help with stoma care and make everyday life more accessible for people with this problem. Some of the needs addressed by these products include protecting the skin, draining and collecting secretions, preventing leakage, maintaining self-confidence, and making everyday life easier. Ostomy products make daily activities such as showering, dressing, sports, and other daily activities more accessible. These products are vital to maintaining good health, hygiene, and comfort, allowing you to live a whole and active life despite your health challenges.

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Our online pharmacy offers a wide range of stoma products that maintain health, comfort, and hygiene. There are different types of ostomy pouches, including one-piece and two-piece, with a click or adhesive closure and an open or closed bottom. The bags are available in different sizes, shapes, materials, and capacities to suit individual needs and preferences. Patches and seals create a tight and secure seal between the skin and the pouch, preventing leakage of secretions and protecting the skin from irritation. Pastes and creams help ensure proper skin protection and a better bag fit. The carrying straps and belts are intended to attach the bag to the body, which enables safe and comfortable wearing and prevents unnecessary strain on the stoma.

Cleansing wipes, sprays, and other aids for cleaning and disinfecting the skin help maintain a clean and healthy environment and prevent infections and irritation. Quality products are crucial in ensuring reliable and safe drainage of stool or urine and preventing damage to the skin around the stoma. The tight fit and secure seal between the skin and the bag prevent the leakage of secretions, allowing the user to carry out daily activities confidently and comfortably. Quality stoma products such as patches, sealants, pastes, and creams are designed to protect the skin around the stoma from irritation, moisture, and damage.

Correctly using these products can prevent skin problems such as dermatitis, redness, inflammation, or ulcers. Using low-quality or improperly fitted stoma products can increase the risk of complications such as leakage, skin damage, infection, or irritation. Quality products reduce this risk, and possible complications are prevented.

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Dansac stoma belt white, 100 cm

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Dansac GX-TRA Seal seal with hole, 30 seals

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Dansac Nodor S liquid against unpleasant odor

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Sabanindas bed template - several dimensions

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