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Swollen legs

Symptoms of leg swelling include a feeling of heaviness, tension, and reduced mobility in the ankles and feet. The skin may be tight and shiny, and cracks or ulcers may also appear in severe cases.

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To relieve leg swelling, it is essential to identify and treat the underlying cause whenever possible. One effective way to reduce swelling is to elevate your legs above heart level several times a day, encouraging the return of blood and fluid from the legs to the bloodstream. Wearing compression stockings helps improve circulation and prevent fluid retention. Regular physical activity such as walking, swimming, and ankle exercises also helps to stimulate blood circulation. Products that relieve leg swelling include cold compresses that reduce inflammation and discomfort. Using diuretics, either natural (such as diuretic herbal teas) or prescription medications, can help reduce fluid retention. Massaging the legs and feet with creams containing menthol or camphor can improve circulation and reduce the feeling of heaviness.

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Aquileine, gel for tired legs, 50 mL

9.01 €

Aquileine red line ice foot gel, 50 mL

9.74 €

Akileine red line invigorating foam tablets, ...

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Akileine red line salt foot bath, 2x150 g

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Aquileine red line refreshing foot spray, 150...

14.50 €

Akileine cryro-relaxing for light feet, 75 mL

15.56 €

Aquileine Regenerating Foot Cream, 75 mL

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Akileine phytogel gel for heavy feet, 150 mL

14.07 €

Aquileine red line superactive cream for tire...

8.93 €

Akileine foot spray menthol and lavender 150 ...

14.69 €

Akileine relaxing foot balm, 50 mL

8.99 €

Allpresan Pro2 Sport cream foam, 125 mL

19.50 €

Antineuralgin cream, 90 g

11.12 €

Apiremine ointment with bee venom, 50 mL

7.29 €

Baby Foot for soft feet, 1 pair

19.50 €

Bema bio cream with wild chestnuts, 100 mL

18.85 €

Bergland Bio cream with repuš - devil's claw,...

16.00 €

Bergland potato balm, 100 or 200 mL

From 16.00 €

Bergland Pferdesalbe warming horse ointment, ...

17.29 €

Bergland Pferdesalbe horse ointment warming w...

26.00 €

Bergland Weinlaub cream with red vine leaves,...

20.79 €

Butters Glucosamine Massage Gel, 150 mL

15.16 €

Butters Ice Massage gel, 150 mL

16.70 €

Cheng Kuang patch

15.96 €

Damia chestnut foot balm, 250 mL

32.56 €

Damia ice gel to relax muscles and ligaments,...

30.90 €

Diosmin + hesperidin + horse chestnut, 60 cap...

15.37 €

Dr. Hauschka fitness foot care balm, 75 mL

13.83 €

Dr. Temt Aloe Vera Body Lotion, 175 mL

30.82 €

Dr. Temt Foot Foot Balm, 250 mL

34.90 €

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