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Dry eyes

Dry eye, also known as dry eye syndrome, is a condition in which the eyes do not produce enough tears or are not of adequate quality to keep the eye moist. Tears are essential for the healthy functioning of the eye, as they provide moisture, nutrients, and protection against infection. When the tear film is not adequately maintained, dry eye can occur, causing discomfort and various vision problems.

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Common causes of dry eye include aging, as tear production decreases. Hormonal changes, especially in postmenopausal women, can also contribute to reduced tear production. Environmental factors such as dry air, wind, smoke, and prolonged use of computer screens can contribute to faster evaporation of tears. Contact lens wear and specific medical therapies, such as medications for allergies, depression, high blood pressure, and cancer treatments, can cause or worsen dry eye. Certain diseases, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and thyroid disease, are also associated with dry eye syndrome. Solving dry eye can start with simple lifestyle and environmental changes. Avoiding dry and windy environments, using humidifiers, and taking regular breaks while working on the computer can help reduce symptoms. Using over-the-counter artificial tears or ointments is a common practice to relieve mild to moderate symptoms. Special eye drops or anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed in more severe cases.

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