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Self-healing products

The category of products for self-treatment includes a wide range of products that are available without a prescription and are intended for self-treatment and health maintenance. These include a variety of over-the-counter medications, nutritional supplements, medical devices, cosmetics, and health and wellness products.

Over-the-counter medicines are available without a doctor's prescription. These include analgesics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs, antacids, antifungals, cold and flu symptoms, and many others. Dietary supplements contain nutrients, vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other ingredients that supplement the diet. Medical devices include thermometers, blood pressure monitors, insulin pumps, inhalation devices, and diagnostic devices. The category of self-treatment products provides easy and faster access to products that can help take care of your health.

More about self-healing

Our online pharmacy offers a wide selection of self-medication products, such as various non-prescription drugs, nutritional supplements, medical devices, cosmetics, and health and wellness products. Many self-medication products are designed to relieve the symptoms of various conditions such as pain, nasal congestion, digestive problems, allergic reactions, stress, anxiety, etc. Regular use of self-medication products can contribute to a general improvement in well-being, as they enable minor problems to be managed and prevent their worsening.

Supplements and natural products can support the body's overall health, boost the immune system, improve digestion, help regulate hormones, and more. Self-healing products can help prevent various health problems and keep the body in good condition. Self-medication is crucial in maintaining health, improving well-being, and promoting prevention and independence in caring for one's health. It allows you to manage minor health problems yourself, feel better faster, and improve the quality of your life while at the same time encouraging responsibility and independence in taking care of your health. Promoting awareness and concern for general health and ensuring access to appropriate health services and information to support your health and well-being throughout life is essential.

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3in1 automatic meter for sugar, cholesterol a...

69.99 €

3in1 cholesterol test strips, 25 strips

54.39 €

3in1 cholesterol test strips, 5 slips

19.50 €

Aquileine, gel for tired legs, 50 mL

9.01 €

Aquileine red line ice foot gel, 50 mL

9.74 €

Akileine red line invigorating foam tablets, ...

11.31 €

Akileine red line salt foot bath, 2x150 g

11.91 €

Aquileine red line refreshing foot spray, 150...

14.50 €

Akileine cryro-relaxing for light feet, 75 mL

15.56 €

Aquileine Regenerating Foot Cream, 75 mL

9.74 €

Akileine phytogel gel for heavy feet, 150 mL

14.07 €

Aquileine red line superactive cream for tire...

8.61 €

Akileine foot spray menthol and lavender 150 ...

14.69 €

Akileine relaxing foot balm, 50 mL

8.99 €

Algea tablets, 270 tablets

14.50 €

Allpresan Pro2 Sport cream foam, 125 mL

19.50 €

Antineuralgin cream, 90 g

11.12 €

Apiremine ointment with bee venom, 50 mL

7.29 €

Ars Ganoderma 500 double strength, 30 oil cap...

28.98 €

Artichoke drops, 125 mL

13.05 €

Ayurvedic supplement Ayuslim, 60 capsules

23.72 €

Baby Foot for soft feet, 1 pair

19.50 €

BactoFlor 10/20 microorganisms, 100 capsules

48.19 €

BactoFlor microorganisms for adults, 90 capsu...

37.99 €

Bactoflor for children - powder, 60 g + FREE ...

35.99 €

Basic compact, 120 tablets

17.65 €

Basic compact, 360 tablets

44.27 €

Basica instant Refreshing fruit drink, 300 g ...

13.09 €

Basica vital powder, 200 g

11.29 €

Belidor (Belinal) Gluco Minus, 30 capsules

18.11 €

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