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Resilience and well-being

Resilience is a critical factor in maintaining good health and overall well-being. The body can effectively defend itself against harmful external influences like bacteria, viruses, stress, and other factors. A robust immune system helps prevent diseases and enables faster recovery if the disease does occur. In addition, resilience also has a significant impact on an individual's mental health and well-being. A healthy immune system can contribute to more energy, a lower risk of depression and anxiety, and a better overall well-being. Thus, maintaining and strengthening resilience can help an individual to live a fuller and more satisfied life and cope more effectively with the stress and challenges of everyday life.

Detailed description of the category: Resilience and well-being

The category "Resistance and well-being" includes a wide range of products that help strengthen the individual's immune system and general well-being. These products include nutritional supplements that contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that support the immune system. In addition to dietary supplements, the category includes herbal preparations and natural supplements such as ginger, garlic, turmeric, astragalus, and echinacea. Additionally, aromatherapy products such as essential oils, which have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and calming properties, are also included in the resiliency product category. These products can be used in diffusers, massage oils, or baths and improve the body's immune response and overall well-being. Resilience and wellness products are essential for boosting the immune system and promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The immune system is a complex defense mechanism that protects the body against various pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. It identifies and destroys foreign organisms and maintains the body's internal balance. Without a functioning immune system, the body would become vulnerable to various diseases and infections that could cause serious health problems. Strengthening the immune system can help reduce the risk of developing various diseases, such as infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancers, and chronic inflammatory conditions. This enables individuals to remain healthy, active, and full of energy and cope effectively with everyday life's many challenges.

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8.36 €

A. Vogel vitamin E oil, 100 mL

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A.Vogel Balance basic drink, 14x5.5 g

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Acai juice, 946 mL

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Acerola 500, 24 chewable tablets

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Acerola lozenges, 240 lozenges

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Active Brain for active brain, 90 capsules

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9.96 €

AlgOmega 3 supplement, 60 capsules

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Aminogran Immun (immunogran), 3 or 10 sachets

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Vitamin C retard, 60 tablets

8.47 €

Apicomplex Forte lozenge, 18 lozenges

4.98 €

Apisirup syrup (Junior or adult)

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Apisirup syrup for adults, 140 mL

6.68 €

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90.08 €

Ars Ganoderma 500 double strength, 30 oil cap...

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Ars pharmae acerola, 90 chewable tablets

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AsthePlex for physical exhaustion, 30 capsule...

14.28 €

Avene XERACALM AD relipidation cream, 200 mL ...

From 22.92 €

Ayursana Bio Noni Juice, 1 L

30.25 €

BactoFlor 10/20 microorganisms, 30 capsules

23.47 €

Badger natural ointment for good sleep, 21 g

9.98 €

Natural Earth Baobab Premium, 100 g powder

16.04 €

Basic compact, 360 tablets

44.27 €

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