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Quick tests

Rapid tests are essential for diagnosing various diseases and conditions quickly and easily. They contribute to rapidly detecting infections, such as viral infections, bacterial infections, or allergies, which enables immediate action and treatment. In addition, rapid tests can help monitor chronic diseases, such as diabetes, or identify specific health risks, such as high cholesterol. Due to their ease of use, rapid tests can be helpful for self-testing at home or in healthcare facilities.

General about the category: Quick tests

Rapid tests are vital for quick and effective diagnosis of various diseases and medical conditions. Their use enables the immediate recognition of infections, including viral and bacterial infections and allergies, allowing for faster and more accurate treatment action. These tests are beneficial because they allow for quick answers, which is crucial in medical emergencies or preventing the spread of infections in the community. They also contribute to monitoring chronic diseases and health risks, such as diabetes or high cholesterol. This enables individuals to monitor their health regularly and take timely action in case of any changes. In addition, rapid tests are also helpful for self-testing at home, which allows people to more actively monitor their health and take preventive measures without the need to visit medical institutions. Health is crucial for the quality of life and well-being of individuals. Maintaining good health enables an active and whole life, allowing individuals to enjoy everyday activities without restrictions.

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Acon COC urine test for cocaine, 1 test

4.80 €

Abugnost MOP urine test for opiates, 1 test

21.35 €

Acon multi drug 5 urine test, 1 test

25.32 €

Abugnost THC urine test for cannabinol detec...

4.70 €

Attends Care Skin Care Cream, 200 mL

6.42 €

Combur 3 urine test strip, 50 strips

13.02 €

Ether Bio Oregano essential oil, 10 mL

14.53 €

Valerian essential oil, 5 mL

10.03 €

Basil essential oil, 10 mL

7.70 €

Bergamot essential oil, 10 mL

13.54 €

Ether essential oil was cedar, 10 mL

8.41 €

Etheris essential oil was tea tree, 10 mL

7.45 €

Ether essential oil of bio lemon, 10 mL

6.52 €

Ether essential oil was mandarin, 10 mL

8.07 €

Etheris essential oil was orange, 10 mL

5.96 €

Ether essential oil of boron, 10 mL

6.44 €

Boswellia essential oil, 5 mL

11.08 €

Ester essential oil of juniper, 10 mL

8.14 €

Cinnamon essential oil, 10 mL

8.35 €

Cypress essential oil, 10 mL

5.44 €

Citronella essential oil essential oil, 10 mL

5.78 €

Eucalyptus essential oil, 10 mL

4.72 €

Geranium essential oil, 10 mL

11.79 €

Grapefruit essential oil essential oil, 10 mL

7.33 €

Etheris essential oil Ylang-ylang, 10 mL

11.64 €

Anise essential oil, 10 mL

6.97 €

Ester essential oil Jasmine (5%), 10 mL

12.04 €

Ester essential oil Jasmine (absolute), 1 mL

18.64 €

Fir essential oil, 10 mL

6.19 €

Chamomile essential oil (Roman), 5 mL

18.31 €

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