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Viticulture is a complex process that requires careful care of the vines throughout the growing season, from planting to harvesting. With proper care and suitable products, winegrowers can ensure healthy and productive vineyards and produce quality grapes, which are the basis for excellent wines.

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Different products in pharmacies and shops intended for general plant care can be used to maintain the vineyard. For example, fungicides and insecticides can protect vines from diseases and pests such as mildew, powdery mildew, vine moth, American grub, etc. Fertilizers containing nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and trace elements can also promote vine growth and grape quality. In addition, natural products such as bio fungicides, biostimulants, organic fertilizers, and natural insecticides can also be used to protect against diseases and strengthen plant defenses. These products are usually less environmentally harmful and more environmentally friendly for use in organic vineyards. It is essential that when using chemical products and fertilizers, the manufacturer's instructions are followed, and good agricultural practice is followed to reduce the risk of soil, water, and environmental pollution.

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Ethanol 96% 1L

33.85 €

Ethanol 96% 2.5 or 10 L

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Juice preservative, 20 g

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Paraffin oil, 1L

11.64 €

Tokobran (vineyard), 20 g

3.78 €

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