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Syrups are a pleasant form of ingesting active ingredients, especially for children or people who have problems swallowing tablets or capsules. Syrups can contain various active ingredients, such as antitussives to relieve coughs, expectorants to cough up mucus, antipyretics to reduce fever, antihistamines to relieve allergy symptoms, and more.

Details about the category: Syrups

We know a wide range of different types of syrups, which are used for different purposes. Children often use syrups, as their liquid form is more accessible to swallow than solid tablets or capsules. Additionally, syrups are a popular choice for people with difficulty swallowing or sensitive stomachs. Cough syrups can help relieve a dry or irritating cough; expectorant syrups can help clear mucus from the airways more easily. Antipyretic syrups can help reduce fever, while antihistamine syrups can help relieve allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itching. Each syrup is designed for specific purposes and contains ingredients that help treat specific problems.

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Koli-Cumin cumin syrup, 50 mL

7.70 €

Lekotus syrup, 150 g

8.37 €

Medicinal Lekoplant syrup, 150 g

9.35 €

Medicinal Lekoslez syrup, 150 g

9.25 €

Medicinal Lekotim syrup, 150 g

8.81 €

Mariplant mallow syrup, 200 mL

From 7.12 €

Mariplant plantain syrup for children, 200 mL

8.90 €

Galex primrose syrup, 150 mL

6.90 €

SVR Palpebral Sensitive Eye Cleanser, 125 mL

16.28 €

Kontak BIO propolis syrup for adults, 150 mL

7.25 €

Kontak BIO propolis syrup for children, 150 m...

6.88 €

Beemy Honey propolis syrup for all ages, 200 ...

9.90 €

VONpharma insomnis syrup - pleasant sleep, 20...

16.98 €

Soria Natural Let's go to sleep! syrup for ch...

14.49 €

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