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Suppository and tablets

Treatment with suppositories and tablets can take place in several ways, depending on the type of medicine and the individual's health status. The first step is to understand the symptoms or condition you want to treat and research the available treatment options. Then, you can try to find a suitable medicine in the form of suppositories or tablets that suit your needs.

Details about the category: Suppositories and pills

Suppositories are suppositories that are usually inserted into the rectum or vagina for local treatment or systemic absorption of medication. There are different types of suppositories, including those for pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhoidal, anti-nausea, anti-constipation, or topical infection. Suppositories are often suitable for people who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, as they are absorbed directly through the mucous membrane of the rectum or vagina. Tablets are an oral form of medicine that is taken with water. There are different types of tablets, including standard tablets, chewable tablets, sublingual tablets (which dissolve under the tongue), and coated tablets (released gradually). Tablets are used for various purposes, including treating disease, relieving symptoms, preventing disease, or supplementing the diet with supplements.

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Lekos slim capsules, 120 capsules

17.99 €

Maridol migraine, 20 tablets

6.89 €

Marifit coenzyme Q10 50 mg, 30 capsules

17.02 €

Marifit omegavit, 100 or 120 capsules

From 17.16 €

Marifit omegavit, 40 capsules

11.60 €

Rectoakut suppositories against hemorrhoids, ...

9.47 €

Silibion dietary supplement with spotted this...

From 15.33 €

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