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Other galenic products

Galenic products are a particular category of pharmaceutical products individually prepared in pharmacies or specialized pharmacy laboratories on a doctor's or pharmacist's order. These products are tailored to the individual's needs and requirements based on a specific health condition or skin problem. This category includes creams, ointments, lotions, solutions, or suppositories, usually prepared using pharmaceutical ingredients.

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Galenic products can treat conditions like skin diseases, allergies, inflammation, burns, eye problems, and more. Their advantage is flexibility, as the composition and concentration of the ingredients can be adjusted to the individual's needs, which enables more effective and personalized treatment. The preparation of galenic products usually requires specialized knowledge and equipment and is carried out by pharmaceutical standards. The pharmacist or pharmaceutical technician carefully selects the appropriate ingredients and combines them in the appropriate form, taking into account each individual's individual characteristics and needs. In addition to creams and ointments, the category of galenic products can also include other pharmaceutical preparations, such as capsules, tablets, syrups, or inhalers, which are also prepared according to the order of a doctor or pharmacist according to the specific needs of the patient.

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Alopen herbal lotion, 200mL

20.60 €

Arnica spray, 100 mL

7.25 €

Bebival sprinkle for baby skin, 100 g

10.75 €

Birch Galex Scalp Lotion, 100 mL

9.42 €

Čemaž's dietary supplement

9.72 €

Spruce essential oil, 15 mL

4.75 €

Eucalyptus essential oil, 10 mL

4.72 €

Lavender essential oil, 10 mL

7.85 €

Jojoba vitamin cream, 50 mL

11.18 €

Pupae collodion for corns, 10 mL

5.98 €

Lekos slim capsules, 120 capsules

17.99 €

Medicinal Vital nourishing oil, 50 mL

11.32 €

Pimple Lotion, 100 g

8.98 €

Myo massage oil, 110 g

8.02 €

Dandelion dandelion tincture, 125 mL

11.90 €

Rehydrol powder for oral solution, 2x24 bags

8.40 €

Castor oil (quality and highly refined), 100 ...

8.04 €

Rosa rose herbal tonic, 100 g

9.10 €

Cough syrup for diabetics, 220 g

9.01 €

Swedish bitters, 100 or 250 mL

From 9.36 €

Tartaric acid - powder, 60 g

6.19 €

Vitamanis plus hand ointment, 55 g

7.30 €

Hansaplast wound spray, 50 mL

5.68 €

Sikapur Med gel for stomach and intestines, 3...

18.55 €

Hartmann Cosmos spray for wounds, 50 mL

6.33 €

Olynth Combo 1 mg/ml + 50 mg/ml nasal spray, ...

11.99 €

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