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"Galenski" products

Galenic products are pharmaceutical preparations made according to the principles established by the ancient Greek physician Galen. Galen was one of the most critical medical thinkers of the Roman period. He focused his work on the pharmaceutical processing of medicinal plants and other ingredients to treat various ailments. Galen's pharmaceutical principles and techniques were in use for several centuries and significantly influenced the development of the early pharmaceutical industry.

More detailed description of the category of Galenic products

The main principles of Galen's pharmacopeia include the extraction of medicinal substances from plants, the preparation of medicinal mixtures and formulations, and the determination of their suitability for the treatment of specific diseases. Galen also developed techniques for forming tablets and capsules and preparing syrups, ointments, and other pharmaceutical forms. Today, "galenic products" refer to preparations made using traditional pharmaceutical methods based on Galen's principles. This may include hand-crafting pharmaceutical formulations, using natural ingredients such as herbs and plant extracts, and following strict quality and safety standards. Galenic products are often used in the modern pharmaceutical industry to produce various medicines, nutritional supplements, cosmetic products, and other therapeutic preparations. These products can treat avarioushealth problems, including respiratory, gastrointestinal, and skin problems, pain and inflammation, and general health maintenance.

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Aloedermal DonnaLife intimate soap with cranb...

9.99 €

Alopen herbal lotion, 200mL

20.60 €

Arnica spray, 100 mL

7.25 €

Artichoke drops, 125 mL

13.05 €

Badger natural ointment for good sleep, 21 g

9.98 €

Valerian drops, 50 mL

6.44 €

Bebival tea for breastfeeding mothers, 20 fil...

4.43 €

Bebival HIDRA + moisturizing baby cream, 50 m...

6.50 €

Bebival ointment with essential oils, 30 mL

6.66 €

Bebival baby care ointment in a pot, 50 mL

7.93 €

Bebival baby care ointment, 150 mL

14.99 €

Bebival Cooling Ointment (Nourishing Ointment...

7.93 €

Bebival sprinkle for baby skin, 100 g

10.75 €

White mistletoe tea, 100 g

4.75 €

Dried blueberries, 80 g

8.26 €

Birch Galex Scalp Lotion, 100 mL

9.42 €

Zinc paste, 18g

5.64 €

Birch tea, 70 g

5.57 €

Columbine rhizome tea, 100 g

8.43 €

Hay leaf tea, 50 g

4.60 €

Tea ordinary dandelion pure root, 400 g

31.55 €

Tea ordinary dandelion root, 50 g

7.09 €

Peppermint tea, 40g

5.55 €

Breastfeeding tea

6.50 €

Cold tea, 50 g

9.40 €

Bladder tea, 50 g

4.75 €

Urine tea, 100 g

5.84 €

Medicinal prisoner's tea, 70 g

3.52 €

Sage tea, 40 g

11.45 €

Tea mixture for brandy, 400 g

17.93 €

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