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Eyes, Nose, Ears

The scope of products for the eyes, nose, and ears includes products designed to care for, protect, and improve the health of these anatomical structures. Eye products are intended to care for and protect vision and general eye health. Nasal products are designed to relieve symptoms related to the nasal mucosa, such as nasal sprays to unclog the nose for colds or allergies, nasal cleansing products that can help remove bacteria, viruses, and allergens, and various forms of masks that can reduce exposure irritating substances in the air.

Ear products are intended to care for and protect the outer and inner ear. This includes ear drops to remove ear wax or relieve symptoms of ear infections, ear plugs to protect against noise or water, and ear canal cleaning aids. Together, these products provide comprehensive care for the health and well-being of the eyes, nose, and ears, vital to your overall health and quality of life.

More details about eyes, nose, and ears and care

Eye, nose, and ear care is critical to preventing infections, allergic reactions, and other health problems. Regular cleaning and maintenance of hygiene of these anatomical structures can help maintain health and well-being and prevent the development of problems such as inflammation or irritation. Products like eye drops, nasal sprays, or ear drops can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms such as pain, itching, dryness, discharge, or congestion, allowing for greater comfort and well-being. Safety glasses, nose plugs, or ear drops can help prevent injuries, infections, or allergic reactions that could negatively affect your health and quality of life. Proper care of the nose and ears can also reduce problems such as stuffy nose or sore ears, improving the quality of sleep and rest and allowing for better focus and efficiency during the day.

Ear, eye, and nose problems can occur for various reasons, including infections, allergies, injuries, anatomical abnormalities, poor hygiene, long-term exposure to harmful factors, and systemic factors such as specific diseases or conditions. It is essential to be aware of the possible causes of problems, properly care for our health, and prevent problems whenever possible. Regular cleaning, using protective equipment such as earplugs or glasses, monitoring the state of health, and consulting a professional in case of problems can contribute to maintaining health.

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A.Vogel Extra intense eye drops, 10 mL

10.03 €

A.Vogel sterile eye drops, 10 mL

10.31 €

A-Cerumen ear hygiene solution spray, 40 mL

10.12 €

Acuvue (Complete Revitalens) lens solution

From 8.12 €

Acuvue Revitalens lens solution, 360 mL

12.88 €

Alpenkraft honey tonic, 250 mL

12.62 €

AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde, 360 mL

15.22 €

Aqua Maris 4Allergy anti-allergy nasal spray,...

10.47 €

Aqua Classic maris nasal spray, 30 mL

6.88 €

Aqua Maris Clean nasal spray, 125 mL

8.88 €

Aqua Maris Clean nasal spray, 125 mL

8.88 €

Aqua Maris PLUS nasal spray, 30 mL

6.54 €

Aqua Maris Strong nasal spray, 30 mL

6.54 €

Aqua Maris Talasso system, 1 container + 30 b...

20.94 €

Bepanthol eye drops, 10 mL or SALE

From 15.21 €

Bepanthol eye drops, 20x0.5 mL

15.29 €

Bio-Carotene Pharma Nord, 60 capsules

10.82 €

Bionette hay fever light device, 1 set

75.18 €

Biostile Crystal Vision tablets, 60 tablets

29.50 €

Biotrue MDO eye drops, 10 mL

9.81 €

Biotrue lens fluid, 300 mL + 60 mL FREE

12.77 €

Biotrue Travel travel package, 2x60 mL

9.20 €

Blepha Cura cotton pads, 70 pads

3.39 €

Blepha Cura heating mask, 1 mask

9.56 €

Blepha Cura eyelid suspension, 70 mL

From 13.67 €

Blephaclean sterile eyelid cleansers, 20 wipe...

14.64 €

Blink Contacts drops, 10 mL (1+1 GRATIS)

10.72 €

Blink Intensive tears dry eye drops, 10 mL

13.96 €

Blue Berry with 10 mg lutein, 60 tablets

20.77 €

Boston Simplus lens fluid, 120 mL

13.99 €

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