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Disinfectants for colds & flu

Disinfectants are essential in preventing the spread of colds and flu, as they can effectively destroy viruses and bacteria on frequently touched surfaces. They work by destroying or inactivating microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi on surfaces. They prevent the transfer of these microorganisms to the hands and thus reduce the risk of transmitting the infection to other people.

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Among the most common disinfectants used for colds and flu are alcohol disinfectants that contain ethyl alcohol in a concentration of 60-90%. These disinfectants are effective in killing viruses and bacteria on surfaces. In addition to alcohol disinfectants, various other disinfectants can be used, such as sprays, gels, or wipes, which contain disinfectant ingredients such as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, quaternary ammonium compounds, and other chemicals that are effective in killing microorganisms. Alcoholic disinfectants destroy the lipid membrane of viruses and bacteria, thus preventing their reproduction. When the disinfectant is applied to the surface, the alcohol penetrates the microorganisms and damages their cell membrane, which destroys the microorganisms. Other disinfectants work similarly but may use different mechanisms, such as oxidation, protein denaturation, or cell wall dissolution, to kill microorganisms. In addition to destroying microorganisms on surfaces, disinfectants also help prevent the transfer of infection to hands, reducing the risk of spreading the disease between people.

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Abena hand sanitizer gel 85% with or without ...

From 2.92 €

Abena cloths for surface disinfection, 150 cl...

15.56 €

Anios Oxy Floor floor disinfectant

From 45.62 €

Anios Quick wipes, dose + 120 wipes

10.39 €

Anios R444 Liquid Restorative, 1000 mL

33.83 €

Aniosgel 85 NPC antiseptic gel with dispenser...

11.70 €

Aniospray Quick Spray, 1000 mL

18.49 €

Aniosyme Prime with foam sprayer, 750 mL

18.87 €

Aniosyme XL3 for enzymatic purification, 1000...

29.58 €

Aniosyme XL3 for enzymatic purification, 5000...

101.05 €

Anioxy WS spray with foam spray, 1000 mL

20.99 €

Anioxide 1000 with activator, 5000 mL

74.93 €

Asept antiseptic spray, 100 mL

6.54 €

Cicatridine spray, spray, 125 mL

10.66 €

Cutasept F disinfectant, 50, 250, 500, 1000 o...

From 4.57 €

Deb InstantFOAM foaming alcohol disinfectant

From 3.10 €

Dentiro wipes - refill, 120 wipes

From 9.08 €

Desderman Pure gel spray, 100 mL

From 4.20 €

Desderman Pure Disinfectant - Solution, 1000 ...

8.50 €

Dr. Junghans alcohol wipes, 100 wipes

2.83 €

Ecocid S powder, 50, 1000 or 2500 g

From 1.57 €

Faun 96% fully denatured ethanol, 100 mL

4.38 €

Flora Buon Viaggio set with car diffuser

19.90 €

Glizigen spray, 60 mL

14.79 €

Horse Power Wound Wound Spray, 100 mL

7.98 €

Incidin extra N for disinfection, 2 L

50.50 €

Incidin extra N for disinfection, 5 L

120.12 €

Incidin Liquid alcoholic disinfectant solutio...

20.30 €

Incidin Oxyfoam solution for cleaning and dis...

14.91 €

Incidin Oxyfoam S sporicidal solution for cle...

14.75 €

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