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Sara Djordjić, consultant

Sara Djordjić

Sara Djordjić, consultant

Employed by the company: DIDIOS, trgovina in toritve, d.o.o Brilejeva ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

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Consultant type: CONSULTANT (COMPETENT CONSULTANT for the field of Li Quandis products)

A short biography with important highlights

My love for botany has been with me since I was young, and I have been making most of my cosmetics myself for years because I believe that only natural ingredients are the best for us. I have been growing herbs myself and have also been collecting wild plants myself for many years. During my many years of work with gynecologists, I have noticed that an increasing number of women regularly or occasionally face problems in the intimate area and that I am not alone in such problems.

That's how I came up with the idea that we could create something natural that would help care for and protect our intimate areas in the future. I surrounded myself with a wonderful professional team of people from the fields of gynecology, pharmacy, dermatology and microbiology, with whom we created the first 100% natural intimate oil in the world for the care and protection of intimate areas. Other products followed, both for men and children, and we enthusiastically continue our development and try to enrich our knowledge and offer you even more and ease such inconveniences while at the same time improving your quality of life.

We break down taboos and make women, men and children aware of the importance of intimate care.

Achievements/articles/special projects, ... in the field of expertise

In recent years, I have written columns on the topic of intimate issues and started workshops where we discover the anatomy, history and care of the vagina with them. As well as topics such as modern women and enlightened sexuality.

Sara Djordjić, consultant - Experts advice

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