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Manufacturer or. responsible person: Rossmax Swiss GmbH Tramstrasse 16 CH-9442 Berneck Switzerland
Website: www.rossmax.com
Email: emea@rossmax.com
Ingredients (INCI) of the product
If you need additional information about the composition of the product, possible side effects or have any other questions about the quality, effectiveness, safety of the product, etc., you can contact us at: trgovina@moja-lekarna.com .

The above information on ingredients (if available) can also be found at the link above to the manufacturer's website.
Cosmetic Ingredients
These ingredients are only visible to registered users . If information about the ingredients has already been added to the cosmetic product, you can see it in the product tab under the name INGREDIENTS , if the tab is not yet, the ingredients are unfortunately still we did not add.

If you need a list of ingredients under the fast procedure, write to us at: trgovina@moja-lekarna.com .
Other alerts
The above email address is the email address of the manufacturer; if the manufacturer is not based in Slovenia, your question should be written in a appropriate foreign language .
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