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New users can register at the following link: Register at > >

Content of the aid

How do I register?

New users can register at the following link: Register > >

Pictorial presentation of the registration form View registration > >

Postal itinerary shipment

Instructions for registering and configuring the addressee who wishes to receive the shipment at the post office are available at connection - indent: How do I register for delivery in the sense of POSTAL LAYING?

How do I shop?

Once you have selected the appropriate items, review them carefully again - at first you can in the quick cart on the page (top right) by pressing to view the quick cart ( Figure 1 ). Clicking on the blue Go to Cart button will take you to the next step of your purchase ( Figure 2 ).

Basket preparation

Here, in the first step, you can remove the products and correct the desired quantities in the box above the button in the next step ( Figure 2 ). If you have received a voucher or want to enter a note or take advantage of Bonus points, you can do so in the same step ( Figure 3 )

cart fast

Figure 1: View a quick shopping cart


shopping cart

Figure 2: View of a real shopping cart



Figure 3: field for entering bonus points of the basket preparation step


If you would like to add something to the already formed list of products, you can do so by clicking on Keep shopping , if you want to go to the second level of the order or step 1, click the button At the box office.

Determining addresses



I'm already enrolled

In this case, just enter your email address that you used to create your account and your password at the following link > & gt !

If you forgot your password, get a new one at the following link Forgot password > >


I'm a new customer!

In this case, follow the link Register > > and fill in the missing boxes with your personal information as shown in the picture.

Important: enter and save the password in a safe place (the password should contain at least 5 characters and should be as secure as possible).


Figure 4: Display of the completed registration form.


Click the button Registration and you are already registered and your profile is ready for shopping!


Figure: 5: example of a properly registered user named Tomaž Lukanc


When you have prepared and added all the desired products to the cart, click Go to cart - if you agree with the quantities, proceed to step 1 of the order by clicking on the button At the box office .

Step 1: Billing address

Step 1 of the order is the step where you select or add an account address. The address you enter in the first step will be visible on the invoice itself. If you want to add a new address or maybe even the address of your company, click on the big green button on the right ( Add a new address or business address ) and fill in the required information here personally or to your company.

Step 2: Possibility of delivery

In this step, select the appropriate delivery and click on the button with the appropriate address. If you want to add new title , click on the large green button on the right ( Add a new address or business address ) and fill in the required information.


Figure 6: Display of the selection of another delivery address, which was previously formed by clicking on the ADD NEW ADDRESS or COMPANY ADDRESS button

Step 3: Delivery method

In this step, select the appropriate mail option. You can choose between different courier services, and you can also choose several different delivery variants at the level of an individual courier (careful handling, delivery after 4 pm, etc.). Descriptions and benefits of each option are available by clicking on the information sign of the option.

Select the appropriate postal option by clicking on it and then clicking on the button: Proceed to the next step and you are already in Step 4.

The table of prices of courier services is available on the following subpage: shipping price chart > >

Step 4: Payment method

In this step, select the appropriate payment option for you - the description of payment mechanisms is at the following link: payment mechanisms > > . Click on the appropriate option to select or highlight it, then click on the button Proceed to the next step and you are already in the next step.

Attention: we also enable payment by proforma invoice in installments (in cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank). This option is only available when your order is larger than € 250.

Step 5: Confirm the order

In this step, just fly over everything ordered again, consider whether you really need the ordered products and then click the button Confirm !! Within 30 seconds, you will receive a summary of your order (if you have of course entered correct e-mail address) also to your e-mail address you provided during registration.

You can expect the package within 2-3 days of receiving notification of the successful shipment of your package by mail.

We truly thank you for your purchase, we wish you a lot of joy and satisfaction when using the renovated online pharmacy, many pleasures and "healthy" moments when using the products we sent you and so many good thoughts that you will have them at the next lack of medicines, dietary supplements or cosmetics brought us back to our website.

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