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A wound that does not heal! Leg surgery.

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Customer question:

My mother is diabetic, she has a wound on her heel due to diabetes and non-blood flow in her lower extremities. Since November, she has been visiting a medical center, where she is being treated for her wounds. In February, she was admitted to hospital because she underwent surgery on the same leg to replace her vein. An incision was made in her abdomen, through which nets were inserted to prevent vasoconstriction.

The situation is such that the wound on the abdomen has festered, followed by the reopening of the wound. The wound on the abdomen is now mainly controlled. They also bandage the wound on her heel. Mom is home now. It is not a problem for me to buy devices that would heal both wounds several times a day, as the hospital advised her that it is better to change the patches several times, because the pus runs out and the bacteria can grow again ...
Which patches, disinfectants, etc .. would you advise me, Hydrosorb, patches with honey ... I don’t want to do any harm but just help with extra care. Blood sugar is currently under control. Healing is not going well.

Vivamel Product Agent Response

If the wound has a lot of secretions, we recommend vivamel alginate dressing and an absorbent secondary dressing and bandage over it.

Vivamel alginate dressing will regulate the processes in the wound, gradually reduce the secretion in the wound, reduce infection and accelerate the healing process. Polyurethane foam with honey, vivamel protect, is now also available, which additionally protects the wound, mechanically, but is also soaked with honey and absorbent.

Vivamel dressings can extend beyond the edge of the wound, can be cut over protective foils as desired, and can be folded and adjusted to the wound. The linings are packed between two inner transparent foils that need to be removed.

In the beginning, when there is more secretion, the dressings are made more often, because the honey wears out faster, but when the secretion is controlled, the dressings can remain on the wound for 3-4 days, two dressings a week.

When the coating becomes bright it means that the honey has worn out.

Vivamel dressings should be used to control the secretion in the wound, as well as the bacterial load in the wound, so the product is also recommended for diabetic patients. Blood sugar levels are not affected by honey, because honey only works locally, as it does not come into contact with the blood system. They are often used by diabetics as a result.

When the secretion in the wound is weak, you can apply only honey from this tube to the wound, you can add it to the alginate and foam for more intensive action, or use the vivamel contact mesh.

Greetings, Jasna Cerlini


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