Proerecta Shot, 60 mL
Proerecta Shot, 60 mL
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Proerecta Shot, 60 mL

Manufacturer: ProErecta
The immediate action of Proerecta Shot prepares you for sexual intercourse.
Price: 4.99 €
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Product specifications
Who uses it?man
Product Type drink, shot, Dietary supplement


The immediate action of Proerecta Shot prepares you for sexual intercourse.

The benefits of Proerecta Shot

    • for men. ke
    • easy dosing
    • with herbal extracts
    • immediate action
    • has no side effects

Performance and active ingredients

If you want a quick effect and immediate readiness for bed activities, Proerecta Shot is the right choice for you.

With the help of herbal extracts in in the form of a liquid, all the positive active substances are absorbed faster than if you took a tablet or capsule. Proerecta Shot is a dietary supplement designed specifically for men who have erection problems for a variety of reasons. If you can help yourself with Proerecta Shot to make your erection better, more reliable and effective, you can offer yourself and your partner better pleasure.

With the help of this drink, it will not be better. just your erection but the whole sexual experience. You will be convinced by the fast action and effects of various herbal extracts.

Proerecta Shot has Tribulus terrestris extract added. An herb often used in medicine and dietary supplements for athletes. The highest concentration of phytosterols in the fruits and roots of the plant. This plant is known to contribute to the functioning of the sexual organs and the activity of hormones (On Hold Botanicals). The fruit of the plant is known to contribute to cardiovascular health and affect the urinary and reproductive system (On Hold Botanicals).

Another extract in Proerecta Shot is Panax ginseng extract. It contributes to the functioning of the blood circulation and affects weakness or exhaustion and physical performance, while providing revitalization of the body (On Hold Botanicals). Panax ginseng also affects sexual health (On Hold Botanicals). & Scaron; Many different types of ginseng, such as Asian, Chinese or Korean, come from the Panax ginseg plant.

The next extract in the Proerecta Shot drink is Rose root extract. This contributes to the functioning of the cardiovascular system (On Hold Botanicals). It also affects cognitive and mental performance and blood circulation (On Hold Botanicals).

A better known ingredient in this dietary supplement is Guarana. The extract is obtained from seeds. Gurana contains caffeine and helps to improve concentration and increase alertness (On Hold Botanicals). While contributing to the health of the immune system, it contributes to better energy (On Hold Botanicals). At the same time, it also contributes to mental performance and better memory (On Hold Botanicals).

The dietary supplement also contains L-Arginine.

Ingredients table

Product Component content * RDA
Arginine *500 mgnot specified
Citrulline   *507   mgnot specified
Tribulus terrestris - extract *400 & nbsp ; mgnot specified
Ginseng root extract *310 mgno not specified
Grape seed extract *200 mgnot specified
Rose root extract *100 mgnot specified
Guarana - extract *80 mgnot specified

* RVV = Input reference value

L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Tribulus terrestris extract, Panax ginseng extract, grape seed extract, Rose root extract, Guarana extract.

Taking a dietary supplement

The recommended daily dose is 60 mL or one bottle.

Shake the packaging well before use. Consume the contents of one bottle 30 minutes before sexual activity. If you want an even better effect, we recommend eating on an empty stomach.

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Product specifications
Who uses it?man
Product Type drink, shot, Dietary supplement

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