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Online sales application
The online pharmacy is based on a fairly simple but at the same time graphically perfect online solution, which will definitely help you as well.

We present the following sets of help:


  • Product images can be symbolic!
  • When paying by cash on delivery, you pay an additional € 1.10 to Pošta Slovenije to pay the payment slip!
  • The stock of products on the website is not visible.
  • Legal provision on the dispensing of over-the-counter medicines:
    The dispensed quantity of a medicinal product for which a medical prescription is not required and the dispensing of which is not permitted on the basis of a self-service choice is a maximum of three packages with a minimum number of units or one package with a larger number of units per user. If the authorized person suspects that there is abuse, he may refuse to issue a medicinal product for which a prescription is not required. "
    In layman's terms, the following provision would mean that in the event of abuse, the amount of medicines ordered can also be reduced!
  • emails sent to customers are intended only for the customer in person! Any reproduction is prohibited and punishable! If you receive an e-mail that is not intended for you, please let us know!

Product search

»» Search using a search engine
»» Search with menu

Search using a search engine

We have developed search engine , with the help of which you are not only looking for a specific product (for example Aspirin) but also enables an advanced search for products according to:

  • symptom (example headache),
  • product function (example relieves pain - all online pharmacy products that relieve pain will be listed here nor. aspirin, lekadol, etc.)
  • pharmaceutical form (example cream)
  • the part of the body to which the product relates (face - here are classified all products from the online pharmacy that are intended for care or use on the face
  • general term (example sun - mainly sun protection products will be classified here).

Menu search

Graphical search with the help of menus and navigation is made very easy - navigation is very simple and clear to use.

Purchase help - purchase process

Shopping at is very easy. See the exact course of the purchase steps at the following link: Shopping instructions

Description of technical means for identifying and correcting errors before placing the order

Before the customer places an order, a preview of the order is opened, on the basis of which he can check the data he has filled in for the purposes of placing the order. In case of incorrect entry, the customer can correct the error by selecting the function + (Add quantity), - (Subtract quantity) or the button (Remove from cart).

shopping cart

If the buyer does not want to place an order, the site can close or leave the order and thus terminate the submission and confirmation of the order. The process of completing the purchase does not end on this same page, but first the buyer has the opportunity to check all the information and continue the order process on the next page.

The customer has the option to correct incorrectly entered data before completing the purchase. It does this by simply clicking on the link CLICK or enter a new address by clicking + add a new address or business address as shown in the figure:

add adress

In the event that you order the wrong item or quantity despite checking, you can send us a message to the e-mail address [email protected] and we will change your order or cancel it together.

New user registration

Registering a new user is easy. See the exact registration process at the following link: Registration instructions

Additional functionalities of the online pharmacy

The website offers many functionalities :

  • fast (express) product search
  • easy navigation (main menus)
  • fast flow of order steps
  • action module
  • ...

Video presentations of search, registration and shopping

In preparation.

Product indications and descriptions on the website

For all texts, descriptions, specifications and changes to product descriptions on the site we care and try to update them when changes occur. If certain irregularities occur, which we certainly allow and is usually the result of out-of-date communication of updated information to the representative (ie the person who is obliged to report these changes in a timely manner), we resolve them individually.

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