About My Pharmacy


Grajski trg 41
8360 Žužemberk, Slovenija, EU

VAT id: SI93709277
Registration number: 8205817000

Long company name:

MOJA LEKARNA lekarniška dejavnost d.o.o.
Grajski trg 41
8360 Žužemberk, Slovenija, EU

Web address: www.moja-lekarna.com

E-mail: [email protected]

T: 07 38 88 000
F: 07 38 88-001

Working time:

MON-FRI: from 7.30 to 19.00
Saturday: 07:30 to 12:00


  • Lukanc Tanja , mag. farm. (concessionaire)
  • Lukanc Maja , mag. farm.
  • Lukanc Tomaž , dipl.kem uni & pharmacy student
  • and co-workers

My pharmacy works on the basis of:

- Extract from the business register of Slovenia: Moja Lekarna, lekarniška djelatnost, doo under the serial number of the SRG 2018/19863 with the date of entry at the District Court in Novo mesto on 17.05.2018 (link - https://www.ajpes.si )

- Decisions on granting a concession to perform pharmacy activities to Tanja Lukanc, mag. farm., Ministry of Health - link: https://www.gov.si/drzavni-organi/ministrstva/ministrstvo-za-zdravje/

- Decisions on the verification of the Žužemberk Pharmacy with the number: 1600-51 / 2009-4 dated 06.10.2009, Ministry of Health - link: https://www.gov.si/drzavni-organi/ministrstva/ministrstvo-za-zdravje/

- Copyright and Related Rights Act (Official Gazette 17/2007) - link: http://www.pisrs.si/Pis.web/pregledPredpisa?id=ZAKO403

- Permanent permit for trade in hazardous chemicals (18400-89 / 2014/2), Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Chemicals - link: https://www.gov.si/teme/biocidni-proizvodi/

- Electronic Commerce on the Market Act (ZEPT) (Official Gazette of the RS no. 61/06) - link: http://pisrs.si/Pis.web/pregledPredpisa?id=ZAKO4600

- Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 98/04, 114/06, 126/07, 86/09, 78/11, 38/14 and 19/15) - link: http://www.pisrs.si/Pis.web/pregledPredpisa?id=ZAKO513

- Personal Data Protection Act - link: http://pisrs.si/Pis.web/pregledPredpisa?id=ZAKO3906

- compulsory membership of the Pharmacy Chamber of Slovenia - link: https://www.lek-zbor.si/


Moja lekarna doo is liable to pay value added tax.



Product indications and descriptions on the website

For all texts, descriptions, specifications and changes to product descriptions on the site www.moja-lekarna.com our suppliers are responsible. Product suppliers or responsible persons are also responsible for out-of-date notification of changes.

The name of the responsible person is written on each individual product. Click on: More information about the manufacturer, where all responsible persons are listed.

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