Nuxe Nuxuriance Creme Redensifiante Anti-Âge Anti-Aging Night Cream, 50 mL
Nuxe Nuxuriance Creme Redensifiante Anti-Âge Anti-Aging Night Cream, 50 mL
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Nuxe Nuxuriance Creme Redensifiante Anti-Âge Anti-Aging Night Cream, 50 mL

Manufacturer: Nuxe
The complexion is youthfully radiant.
Price: 44.09 €
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Product specifications
Product Typecream


Firms, regenerates and tightens the skin

Night Care / For all skin types
The fine, soluble night creams combine valuable ingredients with the NUXE patent, which have a firming effect on the skin. The cream prevents the appearance of pigment spots, and natural caffeine eliminates puffiness of the face.


The face works more relaxed and is not swollen when you wake up in the morning. The skin is firmer, its structure and fullness are restored.

Nuxe Nuxuriance - 7 exclusive Nuxe patents

Restore firmness and rejuvenate menopausal skin - after the age of 55

Hormonal changes after the age of 55 quickly worsen the skin - there is a sudden loss of strength and radiance, and pigment spots appear. As many as 7 Nuxe patents distinguish the Nuxuriance line in the field of natural cosmetics research, which has been proven to restore firmness and fullness to the skin and prevent the appearance of pigment spots

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Nuxe line after age 25 & gt; & gt;
Nuxe line after 35 & gt; & gt;
Nuxe line after 45 & gt; & gt;
Nuxe line after age 55 & gt; & gt;

Additional description

Natural effects
It generously regenerates and nourishes the skin. You will wake up in the new morning as reborn.
Beneficial effects on the skin
The skin is supple and extremely soft. Obtaz works cleansed, rested, firmer and fuller. The complexion is youthfully radiant.
Top ingredients
It regenerates the skin thanks to a core of patented active ingredients - bacau plant cells, araucaria seeds, maca root - together with the tetrapeptide Dermican TM for proven effectiveness in firming the skin. The thickness of the epidermis increases by 17% *. Natural caffeine increases the excretion of toxins and cellular waste.

* Efficacy test performed on reconstituted skin epidermis, nurtured for 24 hours.
Is it appropriate for me?
Yes, if my skin is mature and exposed to hormonal changes. Ideal after the age of 50.

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Product specifications
Product Typecream

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