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Neostrata - the difference between bionic Face and Renewal!

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Customer question:

You can explain the difference between the two products:
https://www.moja-lekarna.com/ neostrata-bionic-face-12-pha- night-moisturizing-cream-40-g
https://www.moja-lekarna.com/ neostrata-renewal-12-pha- restorative-night-cream-30-ml



Agent's reply:

It contains 12% PHA, expressed as a mixture of polyhydroxy acids: 8% gluconolactone and 4% lactobionic acid.
The cream is recommended for normal, dry, sensitive skin and skin prone to redness and all skin types after aesthetic procedures (laser, chemical peeling, RF ...)
  • Contains PHA acid-intensively moisturizes the skin, soothes the skin after aesthetic procedures such as laser, chemical peels, RF ...
  • Emollient-rich cream that smoothes the skin surface due to gluconolactone and reduces the signs of aging.
  • Due to its beneficial effect and soothing effect, it can be used simultaneously with creams containing retinol, which slightly irritates the skin.
It contains 12% PHA + 1% proretinol. The composition of 12% PHA in this case is from only one polyhydroxy acid, namely: 12% gluconolactone
It is a night cream that contains 1% proretinol and 12% Poly Hydroxy acids, namely GLUCONOLACTON, which slightly exfoliates the skin and at the same time regenerates the skin. It contains vitamin E, which soothes the skin.
Due to proretinol, the cream is not recommended for sensitive skin. Smoothes the skin and helps eliminate the effects of photoaging, uneven complexion and hyperpigmentation, wide pores and fine lines and wrinkles.
I am happy to be available for any additional questions!
Suzana Kranjčec mag.farm.

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