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Many accessories and products are designed to make pregnancy and breastfeeding easier and to provide comfort and support for pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies, and children. Specific devices can help reduce discomfort and pain and enable better adaptation to the body changes experienced by a pregnant woman.

It is important to choose accessories that meet individual needs and preferences. During pregnancy, various problems can arise due to discomfort as the pregnant woman's body changes and adapts to the child's growth and development. Breastfeeding also requires extreme comfort and support. Breastfeeding accessories are intended to facilitate and improve the breastfeeding experience and provide comfort and support to the nursing mother.

More details about accessories during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Maternity pillows or corsets can help support the abdomen, relieve stress on the spine, and reduce pressure on the lower back, easing back discomfort and pain. They are designed to support the back, abdomen, and side muscles even while sleeping, which can help reduce discomfort and insomnia. Pregnancy pillows or pillows under your feet can help reduce swelling and relieve pressure on your feet and ankles, a common problem during pregnancy.

Accessories such as exercise balls, stretching bands, and pelvic floor exercises can help you prepare for labor and stay fit. Aids such as leg-elevator cushions or leg stands while sitting can help reduce pressure on the abdomen and facilitate digestion. Wearing maternity clothes to accommodate body changes during pregnancy can help ensure comfort and confidence in everyday life.

Breastfeeding pillows are designed to provide support and comfort during breastfeeding. They help the baby be in the correct position, reducing tension and discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and back. Breast pumps allow milk to be pumped from the breasts, which helps feed the baby or maintain lactation during weaning. Electric pumps offer greater efficiency and convenience, while hand pumps offer portability and ease of use.

Cooling pads for the breast relieve pain and discomfort due to swelling, blocked milk ducts, or mastitis. They are designed to fit the breasts and provide cold therapy to relieve inflammation. Nipple shields are devices used to relieve discomfort and protect sensitive nipples during breastfeeding. The accessories category also includes pacifiers, safety products, bottles, toothbrushes, and everything that will come in handy for you and your child.

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AngelSounds Classic baby heart listening devi...

43.30 €

Avent Natural 2.0 glass bottle, 240 mL

15.50 €

Avent Natural glass bottle, 120 mL

12.15 €

Avent disposable chest pads, 24, 60 or 100 pa...

From 5.77 €

Avent SCF430 / 10 Standard hand pump, 1 pump

55.99 €

Avent nipple shield, 2 shields

From 12.91 €

Baby banana bite and toy, 1 accessory

7.19 €

Baby-Vac nasal aspirator on a house vacuum cl...

12.99 €

Galex breastfeeding tea for breastfeeding mot...

6.50 €

Goldi natural rubber pacifier, 1 pacifier

From 7.08 €

Goldi natural orthopedic rubber jaw pacifier,...

From 7.08 €

Goldi Oval natural rubber pacifier, 1 pacifie...

From 7.08 €

Johnson`s baby pads

12.04 €

Lanaform Dynastic - Open sandals for weight l...

From 37.88 €

Lansinoh 2in1 Affinity Pro electric milk pump...

159.99 €

Lansinoh HPA lanolin for warts, 40 mL

24.64 €


6.28 €

Mommy Care lanolin nipple ointment, 40 mL

13.90 €

Mustela Maternal anti-stretch mark oil, 105 m...

16.59 €

Natura femina laundry protectors, 24 protecto...

4.80 €

Sigvaris Delilah 140DEN maternity socks

From 40.76 €

Sigvaris Delilah 70DEN maternity socks

From 34.08 €

To.To bud care kit, 1 set

6.89 €

Avent 4in1 steamer and mixer, 1 set

216.99 €

Nuvita baby care set - 2 shades

From 21.99 €

Geratherm Early Detect early pregnancy test, ...

6.69 €

Geratherm pH-balance test for vaginal infecti...

14.50 €

OneStep Pregny test strip for early detection...

5.75 €

One Step Pregny - Ultra Sensitive Test Stick

5.77 €

Chicco antibacterial chest pads, 30 pads

6.96 €

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