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Teas, juices and purees

Teas, juices, and porridge are essential for children and babies, providing nutrients, fluids, and energy for the child's healthy development. When introducing teas, juices, and porridges into a child's diet, it is essential to consider age guidelines and the child's individual needs.

Details about the category: Teas, juices and porridges

Teas for children and babies are usually made from herbs or fruits, such as chamomile or pear. Sometimes sweeteners can also be added, but it is essential that these teas are suitable for the child's age and do not contain added sugars or other artificial substances. Teas can help relieve digestive problems and soothe and hydrate the baby. Juices are made from fresh fruit but can also be diluted or without added sugar. Juices must be introduced gradually and in moderation, as they contain natural sugars that can increase the risk of tooth decay and overweight. Juices can source vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and promote hydration. Porridges are made from fruit, vegetables, grains, or meat blended into a smooth paste or puree. They can be prepared at home or bought as ready meals for babies. Porridge is a rich source of nutrients, including carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is suitable for babies after six months of age  when solid foods are introduced in addition to breast milk or formula.

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BebiVal tea for children - bags

4.14 €

Bufolino BIO semolina with chocolate, 350 g

5.95 €

Bufolino BIO semolina with hazelnuts, 350 g

5.95 €

Bufolino BIO semolina with banana, 350 g

5.95 €

HiPP Hippis fruit pocket with apple, banana, ...

1.48 €

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