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Milk substitutes and nutrition

Milk substitutes are essential because they give babies the nutrients for healthy development. This is especially true in the first months of life when babies are susceptible and need a balanced diet to properly develop their brain, bones, organs, and immune system.

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Milk substitutes for babies are formulated to imitate the mother's milk if the mother cannot breastfeed or breastfeeding is problematic for various reasons. These milk replacers are enriched with essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals for healthy baby development. Some formula milk is available in different formulations adapted to the baby's unique needs, for example, for babies with colic, digestive problems, or allergies. The main ingredients of infant formula are often a base ingredient (usually cow's milk, but can also be goat's or soy milk), fat (most often vegetable oils containing essential fatty acids), carbohydrates (usually lactose or vegetable sugars), protein (most often whey or casein) and vitamins and minerals (for example iron, calcium, vitamin D). Milk substitutes are used in cases where the mother cannot breastfeed or when breastfeeding is not possible for other reasons. They can also be used as a supplement to breastfeeding or a transition to solid food when the baby reaches a certain age. Some babies may need formula milk because of allergies to cow's milk proteins, digestive problems, or other medical conditions that prevent breastfeeding.

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Aptamil 1 Pronutra initial milk, 400 g

10.35 €

Aptamil 1 Pronutra starter milk, 800 g

20.70 €

Aptamil Pronutra 1+ Kindermilch milk for todd...

20.11 €

Aptamil 2 Pronutra + follow-on milk, 400 g

10.35 €

Aptamil 2 Pronutra Advance follow-on milk, 80...

20.60 €

Aptamil 3 Pronutra Advance follow-on milk, 80...

20.60 €

Aptamil ProExpert ADC (Allergy Digestive Care...

13.20 €

Aptamil ProExpert AR 1 or 2 (Anti Regurgitati...

From 14.17 €

Aptamil Comfort 1 formula, 400 g

12.31 €

Aptamil Comfort 2 formula, 400 g

11.98 €

Aptamil FMS (now HMF) for breast milk enrichm...

20.79 €

Aptamil ProExpert LF (Lactose Free) lactose-f...

12.60 €

Aptamil Premature milk for premature babies, ...

16.80 €

Bebivita instant apple and lemon balm tea, 20...

3.15 €

Bebivita instant fennel tea, 200 g

3.15 €

Bebivita instant fruit tea, 200 g

3.28 €

Hipp 1 Organic Combiotic infant formula, 300 ...

7.75 €

HiPP 1 Organic infant formula, 300 g

6.70 €

Hipp 2 Organic follow-on milk for babies, 300...

7.79 €

HiPP 3 Junior Combiotic follow-on milk, 500 g

11.85 €

Hipp 3 Junior Organic follow-on milk for babi...

12.90 €

Holle 2 Bio follow-on milk, 600 g

15.59 €

Holle 3 Bio follow-on milk, 600 g

11.45 €

Holle 4 Bio follow-on milk, 600 g

13.60 €

Humana AR dietary food (dietary), 400 g

10.56 €

Human HA 1 hypoallergenic starting formula fo...

15.44 €

Human HA 2 hypoallergenic follow-on formula f...

15.44 €

Human HN diet (dietary) food, 300 g

10.33 €

Humana Junior follow-on milk for children old...

11.01 €

Humana SL diet food, 500 g

11.11 €

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