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Electronic babysitters

Babysitters are designed to prevent accidents, injuries, or hazards that could endanger the child's health or well-being. The primary purpose of nanny devices is to provide parents with peace of mind and additional safety for their children.

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Baby monitors are technological devices designed to monitor the child's well-being, activity, and safety, allowing parents to monitor the child even when they are not directly beside him. These devices can include a variety of functions and features, from simple audio monitors to advanced video cameras and motion sensors. Audio monitors allow parents to listen to the baby's sounds. In contrast, video monitors are equipped with a camera that allows parents to monitor the baby in real-time through the screen. Along with parental instinct and concern, nannies can help provide an extra sense of security and make it easier to care for a child, especially at night or while performing other daily responsibilities.

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Avent SCD 715/52 audio baby monitor

149.99 €

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