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Colds and flu in children

Flu and cold care are essential for children and babies, as they help alleviate symptoms, speed recovery, and prevent potential complications. These young patients still have a developing immune system, so they are more susceptible to infections and may have more severe symptoms than adults.

Further text: Colds and flu in children

Various products can be used to treat flu and colds in children and babies to help relieve symptoms. These products include medicines to reduce fever and pain, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen (but only under medical supervision and according to the dosage instructions), nasal drops or sprays for stuffy noses to help breathing, warm drinks such as tea or soup to soothe the throat and help with hydration, and inhalations to help relieve breathing problems, especially in children who have breathing problems due to a blocked nose or cough. It is essential to know that special attention should be paid to selecting and using medicines and other products to relieve symptoms in children and infants. It is always recommended to follow the doctor's instructions and only use products suitable for the child's age and problems.

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Special offer children's hot water bottle wit...

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Baby-Vac nasal aspirator on a house vacuum cl...

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Bebival ointment with essential oils, 30 mL

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Bronhamil Fitobimbi Syrup, 200 mL

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Gift package for children A.Vogel

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Echinax Fitobimbi syrup, 200 mL

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Phytobalm Phytobimbi balsamic gel, 50 mL

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Jamieson Omega-3 Family Friendly Chews for Ki...

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Lanaform Baby Nose Vacuum Nasal Aspirator

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Mariplant plantain syrup for children, 200 mL

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Pernaton gel with dosing, 1000 mL

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Physiodose sterile saline, 15x5 mL

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Nazopass 0.25 mg / ml nasal drops, solution, ...

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Nuvita electric inhaler, 1 inhalation device

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Kontak BIO propolis syrup for children, 150 m...

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Kontak BIO propolis throat spray, 20 mL

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Kontak BIO KIDS propolis throat spray, 20 mL

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Beemy Honey propolis bottles, 12x10 mL

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Omron Nami Cat children's inhaler, 1 inhaler

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Medex BIO Propolis Defense APF 10, 30 mL

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Medex Apibronhi Junior children's syrup, 140 ...

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Vicks VapoPads inhalation pads, menthol or ro...

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Vicks non-contact forehead thermometer, 1 pc

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Becutan Kids Vits isotonic nasal solution wit...

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Eucerin Sun Kids Sensitive Protect spray for ...

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Immuno Defense Beta Glucan Junior - strengthe...

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Puressentiel Respiratory hypertonic nasal spr...

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Puressentiel Respiratory cough syrup, 125 mL

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