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Babies and children - Other

In addition to bare skin, hair, and oral care products, a wide range of other cosmetic and hygiene products are intended for children and babies. These products are intended to complement the primary care of children and babies and provide them comfort, hygiene, and care throughout the day.

Details about the category: Babies and children - Other

Children's equipment includes baby carriages, cots, changing tables, stands, car seats, swings, and other accessories that enable comfortable and safe daily use. Various toys stimulate children's development, imagination, and learning, such as plush toys, wooden toys for movement and motor skills development, and didactic toys. Baby food, such as milk formulas, porridges, fruit purees, baby snacks, and nutritional supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, ensure a balanced diet and support the baby's healthy development. These include thermometers for measuring body temperature, nasal aspirators for cleaning the nasal passages, heating pads for babies, thermos pots for heating food, safety plugs, and fences to protect the child from dangers.

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Abri Form Junior pant diapers for children an...

14.28 €

ABSO cot mat, 60x120 cm

35.63 €

Aerochamber Plus Flow-Vu attachment for child...

27.33 €

AeroMoov (Aerosleep) antiperspirant airbag fo...

From 23.20 €

AeroMoov (AeroSleep) airbag for stroller

From 23.85 €

Aerosleep Baby Protect pad for protection and...

25.88 €

Aerosleep Baby Protect pad for protection and...

25.88 €

Aerosleep Baby Protect pad for protection and...

69.99 €

Aerosleep Baby Protect pad for protection and...

75.99 €

AngelSounds Classic baby heart listening devi...

43.30 €

Avent digital thermometer for children's bath...

25.99 €

Avent bottle cleaning brush

10.40 €

Avent microwave sterilizer, 1 sterilizer

41.99 €

Avent containers with lids, 5 or 10 container...

From 11.71 €

Avent combined steamer and blender

169.99 €

Becutan powder, 100 g

3.44 €

Cotton cotton swabs - biodegradable, 200 or 3...

From 1.79 €

Sleeveless cotton baby body

16.66 €

Cotton baby body with short sleeves

20.58 €

ColiPrev oral drops for infants, 15 mL

12.09 €

Crabyon children's sleeveless shirt

17.15 €

Crabyon children's T-shirt

22.54 €

Crabyon children's boxers

11.27 €

Crabyon baby panties

11.76 €

Crabyon sleeveless baby body

19.90 €

Crabyon baby body with short sleeves

24.40 €

Dentaid Vitis Junior standard brush for child...

4.08 €

Dr. Junghans alcohol wipes, 100 wipes

2.83 €

Flora BimBio bio baby cream against redness, ...

15.26 €

Flora BimBio Bath & Shampoo, 200 mL

15.65 €

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