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Mojca Poje, smrekomaz

Mojca Poje

Mojca Poje, degree in economics

Education: degree in economics

Employed by the company: MOCU, Mojca Poje s.p., Roška cesta 1, Kočevje, 1330 Kočevje

Social networks:

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/smrekomaz/
Ig: https://www.instagram.com/smrekomaz/

Type of consultant: CONSULTANT (COMPETENT CONSULTANT for Smrekomaz ointments)

A short biography with important highlights

Mojca Poje is a person with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing natural ointments. Sprekomaz

products produced under its auspices bear the label "Bear Friendly" and are made from natural ingredients.

All Smrekomaz products are certified, all ingredients are collected and processed by hand, as we do not use industrial processing. Our business motto is less, quality and boutique. The main ingredient of Smrekomaz is spruce resin, which is why all our workshops take place in nature, where we organize a demonstration of resin collection and etiquette in the forest for both primary school children and the older population.

This year, there have already been quite a few cultural, nature conservation and social events in which we participated. We have invested a lot of effort, knowledge, experience and feedback into our products and workshops. The quality and visibility of our products are confirmed by the recognitions and awards we have received.

Special awards received, commendations, recognitions in the field of expertise

  • 1. a place in the Naj souvenir Kočevska 2022 competition, recognition of our products with the label "Bear-friendly",
  • Let the entrepreneur start 2021, 3rd place in the competition Let the souvenir of Kočevska 2020

Achievements/articles/special projects, ... in the field of expertise

Mojča's first, best-selling and well-known Smrekomaz product is the best spruce ointment with the addition of hand-picked Slovenian spruce resin, which accelerates the natural processes of skin renewal, and also works very well in the area of ​​muscles and joints. It is a product of the Smrekomaz brand, which stems from the desire to use gifts from nature. It was created based on the need to alleviate one's own health problems, research and testing.


Contributions in the media: https://www.smrekomaz.eu/prispevki-v-medijih/

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