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Marjana Kopač Farkaš


Marjana Kopač Farkaš

Education: Univ. Dipl. Inž. Biotechnol. nutritional advisor / marketing manager

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/HiPP.slo and https://www.instagram.com/hippslovenija/

Employed by the company: ATLANTIC TRADE d.o.o., Ljubljana, Kolinska ulica 1, Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana

Type of consultant: SUPER CONSULTANT (COMPETENT CONSULTANT in the field of 3 Chenes nutritional supplements and for general questions in connection with general knowledge nurses)

A short biography with important highlights

  • I have been working with love for the HiPP brand as a nutritionist and marketing manager for more than 13 years. During this time, the job grew into a way of life and HiPP's philosophy became part of my personal values.
  • I take care of the preparation of declarations that you can find on baby food products, I answer the advice line for parents, I give lectures for pregnant women, parents and professional colleagues, I take care of the website and social networks, I run BabyClub and much more. I can speak about HiPP products from a professional perspective and from practice, as my children also enjoyed them.
  • Quality and healthy food is important to me as a HiPPa ambassador, as well as personally.


Marjana Kopač Farkaš - Experts advice

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