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Manuka Health

Manufacturer or Responsible person: Manuka Health New Zealand Limited 66 Weona Court, Te Awamutu 3800, New Zealand
Website: www.manukahealth.co.nz
Email: sales@manukahealth.co.nz
Ingredients (INCI) of the product
If you need additional information about the composition of the product, possible side effects or have any other questions about the quality, efficiency, safety of the product, etc., you can contact us at: trgovina@moja-lekarna.com .

Information on ingredients (if available) can also be found at the link above to the manufacturer's website.
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What is Manuka Med?

Simply put, Manuka is a rare and unique honey made by bees from the nectar of the New Zealand Manuka tree. The special properties of Manuka honey come from the flower nectar of Manuka.

However, there is more than that…

Extensive scientific research has shown that Manuka has among the outstanding natural properties that separates from other honeys. It is produced in New Zealand for only a few weeks in the summer months when the Manuka tree is in bloom. If the producers of this honey want to capture the flow of nectar, they have to place their beehives in wildly remote areas of Manuka plantations at the right time and of course under the right conditions, so the production of this honey is much more demanding than ordinary honey. Beehives are located in wild untouched areas with a very low risk of environmental pollution. Manufacturers routinely test pesticides and herbicides, including glyphosate residues, and each batch is tested three times to ensure that it is always among the highest quality and purity.
UMF ​​Certificate & MGO provides the ultimate guarantee of quality and strength. Not all Manuka honey is rich in MGO (the ingredient that makes Manuka honey so special). MGO numbers & UMF tells you how much MGO is in honey, and helps you choose the right quality for your needs.

Manuko honey can be used in different ways, pour it with a spoon, spread it, drizzle it, mix it - it is versatile, easy to use and tastes great. The best way to enjoy it is immediately after a spoonful or mixed in warm water, tea or coffee. It is a great substitute for refined sugar and is a perfect side dish to breakfast dishes and smoothies. It is also very beneficial for your skin, both for wound healing and for general care and support and healthy skin appearance.

Manuka honey, known for its wound care properties, is strong but gentle to the injured. tissues and supports healing through a number of different measures:
  • It has a strong long-lasting antibacterial effect when applied to wounds and damaged skin. Clinical studies show that it is effective against many bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains
  • Promotes natural repair and healing if applied topically, speeds up the healing process and helps prevent scarring.
  • helps clean the wound site while protecting new healthy tissue
  • Keeps the wound site moist with low pH, which is good for healing while draining excess fluid from the wound
  • Coats and protects the wound site, provides a direct sedative effect and prevents damage to fragile new tissue during dressing change
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