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Kranjc Maja

Kranjc Maja

Name: univ.dipl.soc.

Hobbies: running, reading, traveling

Vision: to put Jericho cosmetics on the first place of cosmetic lines in Slovenia, which have been proven to help and eliminate skin problems (acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, ...)

General: She decided to represent and exclusively distribute Dead Sea Jericho cosmetics due to the growing interest of people in natural face and body care products. As skin problems spread on an ever-increasing scale, it was here that she saw Jericho cosmetics as an alternative to a treatment that has been proven to reduce and eliminate such problems.

Interested in how to nurture:
-skin with acne?
-Dry skin?
-skin suffering from psoriasis, dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, ...?
-oily scalp?
-hair loss and dandruff?
-redness and sensitive skin after shaving, sunbathing, ...?
-skin with wrinkles, dark circles, sunspots?

... write to us and expect an answer from our consultant Maja soon!

Acne Problems - Solvable Problem? Thursday, 16 January 2014
Question: What do you recommend to alleviate teenage acne - the daughter has a lot of them, none of the used creams and cleansers bought at the pharmacy has a noteworthy effect? Lp! Answer: With acne, two things are very important - cleaning... read more...
Advice on Jericho skin care cosmetics! Monday, 18 November 2013
Question: Please advice about Jericho products for my skin. I have no problems on my face and dry skin on my body, but my pores are very clogged in the areas (décolleté, arms, back), which leads to purulent pimples, scars after squeezing. What... read more...
Alopecia and hair loss! Saturday, 01 June 2013
Customer question: Dear Sir, I am 59 years old. In the last year, I have noticed considerable thinning hair especially on the front of the head. It is probably androgenic allopation. So my dermatologist answered my question about the diagnosis,... read more...

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