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Kaesler Nutrition

Manufacturer or responsible person: Kaesler Nutrition GmbH Zeppelinstraße 3 27472 Cuxhaven, Germany
Website: https://www.kaesler.de
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About the Kaesler Nutrition product line

With around 160 employees based in Cuxhavn, Germany, in addition to field representatives and offices in China, Kaesler Nutrition offers support and advice to its clients worldwide.

Kaesler Nutrition is a company with Heinz Lohmann and Paul Wesjohann started agricultural trade in 1932. Heinz Lohmann founded a German fishmeal factory in Cuxhaven, which later became the foundation of all Lohmann companies, while Paul Wesjohann started as a hatchery trader.

In 1967, the Lohmann Tierernährung (LTE) animal feed company was founded. A year later, a veterinary line was also included in the portfolio. In 1996, Lohmann Animal Health was formed with the merger of LTE and the veterinary department of TAD.

In October 2014, Lohmann returned to its roots and focused on the core competencies of animal nutrition for all domestic animals and established a new Independent Lohmann Animal Nutrition GmbH.

1. In December 2016, the name of our company was changed to Kaesler Nutrition.
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