Is the purchase safe?

Online scams are happening and as a result we have, even though this is the safest way to shop so far, still have some doubts about how safe it is to entrust someone with a card as well as personal information through an online store.

Did you know that shopping online has been proven to be safer compared to shopping at a mall?

When we want to order products, we will most likely buy them where we feel safe, where the ordering process will be easy and where the response to the order will be professional.

We also offer this in our online pharmacy in

Statement on providing business via the Internet in accordance with applicable law

The server on which the online store is located is located in the collocation space of the company, Amis doo at the location Tržaška cesta 85, 2000 Maribor. The rooms are locked and protected by an alarm.

1. Physical protection

Physical security is provided by network control operators and the security company.


1.1. Network Monitoring Service Operator

As part of the work obligations of employees in the workplace. The network monitoring service operator also includes daily checks on the implementation of certain security measures.

Purpose and objective of the work of the network monitoring service operator

In order to ensure the uninterrupted (technical) operation of AMIS's network, the Network Surveillance Service is present on the 1st floor of the building 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and is consequently responsible for ensuring the implementation of certain security measures to prevent destruction, damage, theft and other forms of harmful action.

1.1.3 Physical security

The network surveillance operator on duty shall carry out a patrol security measure every day at 11 pm and 7 am.

1.1.4 Tasks or. powers of the on-duty Network Monitoring Service Operator

Network Monitoring Service Operator on Duty:

  • check that the anti-burglary door is locked and the security alarm system is activated,
  • check the presence of employees at 11 pm and turn on the alarm system in these rooms (if this is not already on), if employees are no longer present or otherwise inform the security control center of the security company that the alarm will not be turned on at 11 pm,
    • in case of detection of irregularities in the operation of security measures or in case of detection of violations of security procedures or detection of unauthorized access, it shall immediately inform the security service.
    • the operator of the network monitoring service shall in no case be authorized or obliged to restrict the movement of any person or to use means of restraint or the use of physical force.
    • the network monitoring service operator does not carry a firearm.
1.2. Security company

The security company provides the following services:

  • reception of signals from the burglar alarm system from the client's facility, with the receiver at the on-call center of the security company, o services of the security control center, in accordance with the response agreement,
  • intervention on the facility after receiving a burglary alarm, carried out by appropriately trained and equipped security guards - intervenors, in accordance with applicable regulations,
  • take action on the facility in accordance with its notifications and security plan.
  • Pursuant to the said contract, the security company is obliged to ensure constant readiness for alarm detection and intervention at the time when the alarm system is switched on.

At its own discretion, the security company performs preventive external patrols of the building and inspections of the immediate surroundings of the building according to a random time program (time paths of the patrol are randomly determined), with the aim of protecting the collocation space of AMIS doo. , latches, glass surfaces). Checks that windows and doors are tightly closed, locked and undamaged.

2. Area of technical protection

The entrance to the area where the server is located is protected by an anti-burglary door, magnetic sensors are installed to detect the opening and forced opening of the door, and sensors to detect movement in the room. To enter the room, it is necessary to enter the code in the encoder, which is located in front of the door or entrance to the administrative area. All accesses to the room are recorded and in case an alarm is triggered, this anzaz is in the security control center (VNC) of the security company.

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