ImunoBran (biobran) 1000, 30 bags
ImunoBran (biobran) 1000, 30 bags
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ImunoBran (biobran) 1000, 30 bags

Manufacturer: Natura medica

For patients after completion of chemotherapy as supportive therapy.

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Product specifications
Specifier Value
Product Type Dietary supplement, bags


Food for special medical purposes
30 sachets of 1000 mg water-soluble powder MGN-3.

Instructions for use for adults

Place the contents of one bag of BioBrana 1000 in a little water, take it once a day for half an hour after a meal.  
For support for classical therapy take 1 sachet 3 times a day for half an hour after meals for up to 2 months, then continue with maintenance therapy : one bag of BioBrana once a day for half an hour after a meal.  
BioBran, MGN-3   is an exceptional natural product that activates the body's defenses. It contains plant fibers broken down into hemicelluloses. It is not broken down in the gastrointestinal tract, but is absorbed in the small intestine and thus comes into direct contact with immune cells.  
It is obtained from bran bran and, according to a patented process, is processed with enzymes from itaca mushrooms. It has pronounced immunomodulatory properties. It is without added genetically modified organisms, also suitable for vegetarians.

Two combat systems

The human immune system can be divided into two different parts, which read us in different ways. The first is natural (or nonspecific) and the second is acquired immunity. The first is a reflection of an automatic response system programmed at birth to protect us. For example, if we cut ourselves, an immediate response in the form of inflammation occurs. It is followed by an accumulation of macrophages that devour bacteria. This is a non-specific response because the same happens with all types of infection. The activity of natural killer cells is another example of nonspecific immunity. These natural killer cells can automatically destroy cancer cells as well as cells infected with viruses.
The second type of immunity, called acquired immunity, is much more complex and is based on the ability of T and B lymphocytes to respond selectively to thousands of different antigens - viruses, bacteria, cells, large protein and polysaccharide molecules. Antigen is just about anything that Biobran 5 elicits an immune response. This system is able to produce a custom response to the individual attacker it encounters and then memorize that response, so that the immune system learns from this experience much like it learns from our experience. nervous system. Even if we don't have a good memory, we find it. the immune system has.

Scientific evidence of the effects of Imunobran

Extensive tests have been performed to determine the safety and efficacy of Biobran in dealing with a wide variety of conditions.
These tests include:
  • in vitro laboratory tests to determine the efficacy of Biobran at the cellular level
  • in vivo testing on living organisms. Studies were performed on mice, rats and humans. Mice and rats were infected with cancerous tumors or diabetes, resulting in a disease that suited humans. Mice and rats were given Biobran and conventional drugs used to treat these diseases and the effects observed.
  • Clinical trials where Biobran was given to patients suffering from serious illnesses and in whom the immune system was weakened. To help make comparisons, human and animal experiments were performed with a control group that was not given Biobran. In the case of people, the control group was ethically coordinated and informed. The experiments were conducted with their consent.

What do doctors say?

People who face life-threatening illnesses, as well as those who simply want to maintain a healthy immune system, turn to Biobran over and over again. It is also included in the treatment by doctors who have their own individual approaches. Sometimes Biobran will be at the heart of the treatment program. For other programs, Biobran will be one of many substances and approaches in their range. The following is a selection of mostly British doctors for whom Biobran is a valuable tool.

In the 21st century, we are finally seeing that the health of the immune system is central to recovery from illness and to maintaining optimal health. As a well-known doctor stated in his introduction " It works. " Biobran has no side effects and is not toxic, so you can understand why so many thousands of doctors around the world recommend it to patients and why Biobran has become the leading serious supplement for the immune system worldwide. Many orthodox physicians are beginning to recognize the importance of natural BRMs (biological response modifiers), such as Biobran, as important contributions to the success of their treatment programs.

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Ratings and Reviews

| 12/9/2019 11:17 AM
Ivona Frigelj
Biobran je za me najbolsi za imunski sistem. Jaz delam v soli in sem vedno bolana, vneto grlo, zamasen nos, utrujenost. Tako je vsako spomlad in jesen/zimo. Ko sem spila 1 od 30 vreck Biobrana, sem zacutila spremembo, ogromno spremembo. Nisem vec bila utrujena, vse naloge sem opravila, imela sem snago in nisem bila bolana. To pac je neverjetno kako Biobran deluje. Vsem ki imajo oslabljen imunski sistem, priporocam tisti Biobran 1000 v vreckah. Splaca se vsakega centa. Moja lekarna je zelo hitro dostavila paket in sem im zelo hvalezna.
| 8/1/2018 2:15 PM
Imunobran terapija
Mama je po operaciji vranice in njeni odstranitvi imela močno oslabljen imunski sistem. Po daljši raziskavi in branju študij smo prišli do tega zdravila, Imunobran vrečk. Omenjene so glede na njeno stanje ugodno vplivale na razvoj imunskega sistema in v kombinaciji z redno terapijo močno izboljšale njeno stanje. Sicer je res, da nekatere študije niso dovolj dosledne in nimajo dovolj velikega vzorca vendar pa je mehanika delovanja zdravila logična. Iz študij pa se razbere tandenca, da zdravilo dejansko učinkuje. Vprašanje pa je ali je to res. Več študij je potrebnih. V našem primeru pa lahko povem, da je bila investicija vredna vsakega evra.



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