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You can pay for the ordered products in several ways:


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Cash payment:

After summary:
You pay for the order to the delivery person (Pošta Slovenije) in cash when the customer delivers the ordered goods. Delivery costs are stated in the order. Upon receipt of the shipment, an additional € 1.10 is paid for the payment of the BN02 payment slip!

Upon taking over in the company Moja lekarna doo:
After processing the order, we will send you a message when you can pick up the ordered goods. You can pay for the ordered goods at the pharmacy or pay in advance with a payment slip (according to the proforma invoice) via your internet banking, or you can also pay at the bank or post office. How to fill out the payment slip as shown below.

Payment with the Hal mBills system

Hall mBills

On our website, you can also pay the purchase price with the QR code system, which you scan via a computer monitor in the last step of the order. Hal mBills payment is affordable, fast and completely secure. The system is an information product of Slovenian knowledge, so Hal mBills recommends as many payments as possible through their payment system, which is now also implemented on our website

Payment page layout:


Cash in Advance:

When paying by proforma invoice to the correctly entered e-mail during the purchase, you will receive a pro forma invoice in your e-mail inbox. You can pay the deposit via online banking, to banks and but at the post office. The method of payment via online banks is certainly the fastest and safest of all payment methods and is therefore also the most desirable. With the payment, wait for your order to go into the "Pending" status. After the payment is made, you can send a proof of payment. This will allow your order to be processed faster.

  • UPN payment order data

Pravilno izpolnjen UPN - Lekarna Žužemberk
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The purpose of payment : e-žbk (account number)
Name: My pharmacy Ltd.
Street: Castle Square 41
Location: Žužemberk
Account number: SI56 0400 0027 6160 202 (Nova KBM)

Reference: this varies from bank to bank - you can use a reference in the form of the current date - for example: SI00-21062012.

When choosing payment by proforma invoice, you will pay for the ordered goods with a general UPN payment order. The easiest and fastest way to make a payment is at your online bank (Klik, Abanet, Bank @ Net ...), but you can also make a payment at any bank or post office in Slovenia.

In the online store, you also have the option of creating a pro forma invoice, which you then receive on your e-mail, which you specified when registering. You will find all the necessary information on it: transaction account number, reference number, amount ... You pay the proforma invoice to the specified transaction account. Some banks require the entry of additional "zeros" (e.g. 00 before the given reference). You can inform us about the payment via e-mail, as all proforma invoices are for information purposes only until the payment is confirmed!

Purchase refund: in case you have paid the purchase price before the status of the order passed from the status to "prepare" in status "in treatment" further, it turns out that the product cannot be delivered, the amount is refunded, which is reduced by 1 € (that is the amount of the commission for returning the amount back to your trr). If it happens to be order status has already moved to "pending" status later, however, it turns out that the sales items cannot be delivered, the costs of return and bank fees are charged to Mojo lekarno doo as the provider. Something like this happens very rarely, so it is essential that you monitor the status of the order before you pay, so that it goes into the state of processing ( Processing ), after which you can immediately pay the purchase price and send us a confirmation of payment, for even faster processing of your order.

We are liable for RDA, VAT ID: SI93709277

Payment with Paypal Slovenia:


Secure payment and acceptance of payments is a provider of secure e-payment with credit cards and is a payment option for Slovenian online stores and individuals. A service that ensures secure online payment in real time (online authorizations of payment and credit cards) is also available in Slovenia. PayPal is a company (owned by eBay) that is used for anonymous, fast and secure business - online payments and acceptance of payments on Ebay, Amazon and other online stores - now also in the online pharmacy

PayPal is the payment processor that is most widespread and most widely used for Internet payers in all developed western countries. It is used for online payments on Ebay, Amazon and other online stores. It is used by both individuals and companies. It allows payment 24 hours a day.

PayPal offers protection for your money. Thus, it is only possible to cancel this 30 days after the transaction (eg if you have not received the purchased product at home or the product does not match the description of the online store). Deposits are made via credit or debit cards - Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Visa Electron (the account must also be verified with a credit or debit card). Withdrawals are possible by credit card or debit with the Visa logo. In the future, deposits and withdrawals should be possible via bank account, checks, payment slips and other cash channels, which is already possible in most developed countries of the world.

The most we can spend per day is € 100, but when we verify the account, the limit increases to the available funds.

Warning : during the purchase, a commission is charged when paying with the Pay Pal system, which depends on the amount of the purchase itself.

How is the fee calculated?

It is calculated according to the following formula Y = 1,034x + 0.35, where x is the basic value of the order (including postage), and € 0.35 is a supplement that must always be paid additionally when paying with the Pay pal system!

Why shop online?
Because it is cheaper and the offer or choice is much bigger.

Where can I find my PayPal account number?
PayPal does not use an account number, but an email address.

How can I get a credit card if I don’t have regular inflows (I’m a student)?
You can get a debit card; e.g. at Abanka Visa Electron, via a moneyvookers account, MasterCard or Neteller MasterCard.

What is a debit payment card?
It is a payment card where possible payments are only up to the amount available on the account (you cannot go to the minus).

Your order becomes valid when you ship it, the prices are valid on the day the order is shipped.

If you have any questions regarding payments, please contact us at: [email protected]

Validity period of prices on the pages of Moja lekarna doo and the offer

The nature of the business of the company Moja lekarna doo at is such that the contents are changed and updated daily. The same goes for price any product that is subject to change at any time without notice.

Despite the diligent performance of administrative tasks and the constant updating of our pharmacists and computer scientists, the possibility of incorrect information about the price or the availability of the product is not excluded.

In such cases, the company Moja lekarna doo enables the customer to withdraw from the order or offers him an agreed solution to the problem!

The contract between the bidder and the buyer is concluded at the time of confirmation of the order by the bidder (at the time of receipt of the confirmation e-mail from Moja lekarna doo).

All prices on include value added tax. Product prices are valid only at the time of purchase! If, in exceptional cases, there is a synchronization error in prices, we resolve the matter individually.

We do not refund any fees you have paid for the purpose of making your transfer in such cases.

Attention: if the employees of the online pharmacy suspect incorrect or misleading information about the order or any harmful purposes of the contract, we inform the customer via e-mail or telephone number. If the data is inadequate, incomplete, misleading or just seems suspicious, we can (otherwise very rarely) request payment by proforma invoice.

In this case, we send the customer an amended order (sales contract) to the e-mail address.
In the case of various coupon and other special offers and benefits, we expect the customer to strictly adhere to the written rules or conditions. If the customer does not meet the conditions, he is not entitled to use the benefits, even though this is possible on the basis of publicly published codes on special discounts. In case of violation of the rules, the bidder implements a new order on behalf of the customer, disregarding the promotional coupon. It is also possible to offer payment by proforma invoice or to cancel the possibility of payment by cash on delivery. We inform the customer in advance about the unfulfilled conditions and enable him / her to subsequently fulfill the requirements for applying the promotional coupon / discount!

Personal collection in the company Moja lekarna doo

When paying for an online order at the premises of the company Moja lekarna doo, the only possible method of payment is cash only! We do not consider cards when paying for online orders!

Budget users

Budget users can order on our site, but unfortunately we do not enable e-invoicing as part of an online order. The budget user receives an invoice that is the same as a regular tax-certified invoice as received by any customer who orders products on our website (there are NO exceptions).

Issuing invoices to the company Moja lekarna doo

Each account must be accompanied by the following information:

Name: My pharmacy Ltd.
Street: Castle Square 41
Location: Žužemberk

VAT ID: SI93709277

Otherwise, the account is rejected.

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