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Manufacturer or responsible person: Haakaa Slovenia
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For newborns and infants, breast milk is extremely important. The way to provide breast milk to the baby, however, is the choice of each breastfeeding mother individually. Haakaa accessories make it easy to pump and deliver milk to your baby.

Haaka is a New Zealand family business that produces high quality products. These are baby, mother and environmentally friendly products. Most products are made of silicone, which protects children from harmful chemicals and toxins. The products are both natural and non-toxic.


In the Haakaa brand, you can find solutions for pumping milk with silicone breast pumps for three generations. All breast pumps operate without the necessary electricity. A simple way of vacuum that also stimulates the production of milk in the mother.

What about feeding the children?

At the same time, there is a variety of a range of other aids that make it significantly easier to feed babies and toddlers. From feeding with freshly pumped milk or a special SNS system that allows tube feeding. At the same time, there are some other safe products available for you to introduce food and learn to feed yourself.

Haakaa provides easier motherhood that is easier and greener at the same time. The family business is fully committed to creating practical and sustainable products that are safe for children and nursing mothers.
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Haakaa silicone flower cap, 1 cap

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