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Frontline (Boehringer Ingelheim)

Manufacturer or responsible person: Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health France, Lyon, France.
Website: http://www.merial.com

Drive away fleas with Frontline products

Year-round flea control begins with eliminating existing fleas and stopping future infections. Complete the life cycle against fleas by choosing the No. 1 proven protection in the field of flea and tick protection - FRONTLINE brand products.

Where can fleas find my pet?

If you thought dogs and cats could only get fleas outdoors, think again. These persistent pests can live and thrive in your home. Fleas and their eggs can be worn along with your pet or even on clothes and shoes. You can find them in carpets, sofas and even cracks in your wooden floors.

Ticks are a year-round threat

Did you know that the danger of ticks is not limited to summer and heat? Adult ticks can reproduce and exist even in autumn and winter. Colder weather doesn’t mean fewer and fewer ticks. Choose the number one year-round protection in the field of flea and tick protection - Frontline.

What does your pet eat?

Benches can be found all over the EU. The protection against ticks is completely in place.
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