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Bayer Foresto is a veterinary medicine intended for the intensive repelling of ticks and fleas. It is available in the form of two repellent collars, namely:

  • for dogs and cats up to 8 kg body weight
  • for dogs over 8 kg of body weight

The operation of the Foresto collar is efficient and reliable.

Advantages of the Foresto collar

  • the collar works quickly and immediately upon contact with your pet's skin
  • it works even before parasites - fleas and ticks bite into the skin
  • the result of Foresto protection is protection against diseases, itching, and allergies
  • works for eight months, non-stop
  • the collar has no smell
  • The
  • the collar is a force easy to use and install
  • the collar is waterproof

Since the Foresto collar works for a long time, applying it before the tick and flea season begins makes sense.

Fit the collar, so there are about two fingers of space between the collar itself and the neck. This will ensure that your pet feels good.

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