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Fluid Balance powder, 20 sachets
Fluid Balance powder, 20 sachets
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Fluid Balance powder, 20 sachets

Manufacturer: Vitabalans oy

Powder for oral solution with glucose and electrolytes. 

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Powder for oral solution with glucose and electrolytes. 

Fluid Balance contains glucose (sugar) as well as salts that our body needs, e.g. sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium. 

Fluid Balance can be used:
-       when there is a large loss of electrolytes and fluids
-       when the human body is exposed to great physical exertion
-       when the climate is extremely hot, which causes intense perspiration of the organism
-       when the intake of food, and especially not enough fluids to cover the needs

Water is a very important element of the human body. In combination with electrolytes, water forms a so-called electrolyte balance, which is extremely important. If the balance of electrolytes is not regulated, it is necessary to regulate it - if we lack fluids, we need to add water, and if the body has lost a lot of body fluids due to intense exercise, then it is necessary to replace mineral and vitamin substances in combination with glucose. .

Man loses electrolytes and water in various ways - through excretion, intense perspiration, breathing, sweating. The body always needs to be given what it lacks - in this case fluid. If necessary, and especially after a longer load, sooner or later the electrolytes also start to run short - the most important electrolytes are potassium and sodium, which are extremely important and are also in electrolyte balance.

When the amount is lost water greater than ingested, we are talking about dehydration. Increased water loss occurs mainly due to diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating in the summer or during sports activities.

Fluid balance is also enriched with the addition of glucose, an extremely important molecule that is essential for brain function - is a basic food that the brain needs in large quantities.

Powder also contains the most important electrolytes - such as. electrolytes of sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium to regulate the body's water balance.

When dehydration occurs, it is necessary to adjust the dose of the product according to body weight. 
Fluid Balance is suitable for replacing lost fluid and electrolytes in people of all ages. Children under 6 months of age or weighing less than 10 kg should consult a doctor.

Ingredients Fluid Balance powder

A quarter liter or 250 mL of prepared Fluid Balance solution contains:

<; tbody>;<; td align = "left">; 17 mmol / L <; td align = "left">; 231 mosmol / L
Ingredient namemg contentmM content
glucose 3600 mg 80 mmol / L
sodium 344 mg 60 mmol / L
potassium   194 mg         20 mmol / L
chloride   407 mg 46 mmol / L
magnesium 50 mg 8 mmol / L
citrate   794 mg
total osmolarity /

1 bag ( 5.6 g) contains: glucose, 3.6 g; sodium citrate, 0.83 g; sodium chloride, 0.38 g; potassium chloride, 0.37 g; magnesium citrate, 0.31 g; flavor enhancer (apple) and sweetener (sucralose).

Important information about Fluid Balance powder

Apple flavor.
Free of sugar, lactose, gluten and protein. Contains sweetener (sucralose). 
Dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

Dosage Fluid Balance powder

For adults and children (over 10 kg): the dose is adjusted to body weight individual (the dosing table is in the instructions for use). Read the package leaflet before use. 

Observe the dosage specified in the weight table. Fluid Balance is suitable for people of all ages, but for children (under 6 months or under 10 kg) use only on the advice of a doctor.

<; td align = "left">; 750
Weight, kgDose solution (ml / day)Additional water and other fluids (ml / day)Total daily fluid requirement in ml
10 500 700         1200
12 550 750 1300
14 600 800         1400
16 620 880 1500
18 650 950 1600
20 700 <; / td>; 1000 1700
25 1050 1800
30 800 1100 1900
40 900 1200 2100
50 1000 1300 2300
70 1200 1500 2700

Preparation of the solution and instructions for use <; / h4>;

Prepare the fluid balance by shaking the amount of 1 sachet in 250 ml of liquid, before mix and then drink.

Drink other liquids according to the instructions in the dosing table.

The solution prepared in this way can be drunk for a maximum of 1 day, stored in the refrigerator, then discarded. If you are traveling, never prepare liquids with tap water, but always use bottled water.

Packaging Fluid Balance powder

20 bags. <; / p>;

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