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Exolorfin 50 mg / mL nail polish, 2.5 mL
Exolorfin 50 mg / mL nail polish, 2.5 mL
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Exolorfin 50 mg / mL nail polish, 2.5 mL

Manufacturer: Lek
Exolorfin medicated nail polish with amorolfine cures and prevents fungal nail infections.
Price: 24.50 €
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Problem fungi, nail fungus
Problem fungi
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Exolorfin medicated nail polish with amorolfine cures and prevents fungal nail infections.

Purpose of use   Exolorfin varnish

Nail polish is a medicine intended for the treatment of fungal nail infections, especially in adults.  

Exolorfin medicated varnish contains the active ingredient amorolfine, which prevents the growth of fungi in the nails themselves, kills the fungus and has an inhibitory effect on all aspects of their development and reproduction.  

The nail polish should be used only if the upper half of the nail is affected or the nail is affected   from the side. Do not use the product preventively.  

You need to know before applying   Exolorfin medicated nail polish

- that you do not use the product for example, that you are allergic to the product ingredient or even the main ingredient   amorolfin.

Also pay attention in the following cases:

  • suffer from diabetes
  • you have a weak immune system
  • use medicines to suppress the immune system (hyperactive immune system)
  • you have problems with blood circulation in the extremities - in the legs and arms
  • you are suffering from psoriasis or other serious skin problems
  • suffer from respiratory disorders  

Instructions for use of varnish

Before using   Exolorfin nail polish, make sure to remove the affected area of the nail by filing the affected area with a nail file.  

Nail files are included in   Exolorfin nail polish for nail care and regeneration.  

Warning when using the enclosed files: Never use the nail file you used for diseased nails on healthy nails, as this will transfer the fungus to the healthy surface of the nail.  

How to use:

After filing the affected nail surface, take the cloth supplied with the set and use it to clean the diseased nail surface.  

One cloth is enough to clean all the diseased nails, and at the same time to clean the nails, make sure to remove the varnish located on the surface of the nail tissue from all previous applications.  

From the   Exolorfin kit, take a nail polish spatula and apply the appropriate amount of nail polish to the nail tissue. Do not rub it on the neck of the bottle. Dip the spatula into the nail polish for each diseased nail again.

Always apply nail polish to the entire surface of the nail tissue - this is very important.  

Carefully close the bottle immediately after application and clean the spatula with a cloth soaked in nail polish remover.

After applying the varnish, make sure that the varnish dries properly, which usually lasts between 3 to 5 minutes after the application of the varnish.  

Generally about nail fungus

Nail fungus is a common condition that starts as a white or yellow dot under the tip of the nail. As the fungal infection reaches deeper, the fungus in the nail tissue can cause the nail to discolor at the edge and often also thicken or deform uncomfortably. Fungi can also affect multiple nails.

If your condition is mild and does not bother you, you may not need treatment. If the fungus on your nails is already painful and causing thickened nails, self-care steps and some medications can help. But even if the treatment is successful, the fungus on the nails often returns, so it is necessary to take care of the nails regularly.

Fungus on the nails is also called onychomycosis. When the fungus infects the areas between the toes and the skin of the feet, it is called the athletic foot (tinea pedis).

Some tips for easy termination of nail infection

Making a few simple lifestyle changes can help prevent fungal nail infections. Nail care is especially good for trimming and cleaning your nails, which is a great way to prevent infections.

Also avoid damaging the skin around your nails. If you have wet or wet hands for a long time, it makes sense to wear rubber gloves.

Other ways to prevent fungal nail infections include:

  • washing hands after touching infected nails
  • after showering, dry your feet well, especially the skin between your toes
  • nail, manicure and pedicure should be done only in reputable and "caring" salons
  • avoid walking barefoot especially in public places
  • reduce the use of artificial nails and nail polishes

Products to help prevent nail fungus

If you are prone to excessive moisture around your nails or nails, consider buying:
* antifungal sprays or powders that dry the skin and nails
* socks that   absorb moisture
* your manicure or pedicure set

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Petra; | 8/23/2020 6:46 PM
Ma meni je ta exolorfin resnično super - predvsem zato ker sem lena in se mi ne da zelo pogosto nanašati takih lakov. Dejansko je pa tudi res, da resnično deluje - pa saj je ponavadi tako, da na moja lekarna.com dobim vedno same uporabne zadeve.



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Product specifications
Specifier Value
Mark nail
Problem fungi, nail fungus
Problem fungi
Product Type nail polish

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