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Elixirs & Co.

Manufacturer or responsible person: Elixirs & Co., 53 rue des Batignolles, 75017 Paris - France
Website: https://elixirs-co.com/en/
Email address: contact@elixirs-co.com

About Elixirs & Co.

Elixirs & Co is a pioneering and visionary company that has been striving for 30 years to make Bach flower products accessible to as many people as possible. Thanks to Bach flowers and with a complete and varied range, our products offer natural answers to the problems and problems of everyday life.

Gérard Wolf, founded the company "Fleurs essences et harmonie". He opened the first store in the world exclusively for consulting and selling certified organic Bach flowers because of their high quality.

Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) was an English physician and homeopath, he discovered 7 homeopathic vaccines. For Docteur Bach, the patient's condition was more important than the disease he had and he focused on finding natural remedies that do not cause side effects and allow the patient to find a positive state of mind.

His goal: the pursuit of physical well-being through mental well-being "mens sana in corpore sano" (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

In just a few years (1928 – 1935), Bach identified 38 flower remedies and developed a method for their use. The 38 flower essences produced by his method are known today as "Bach's Essence". The beneficial properties of these flowers help to find inner harmony, psychologically and physically.

For the transition from the base solution to the elixir, we perform a dilution of 1:250. For this, we use 1 scoop of the base solution for 249 scoops of BIO brandy.
Then comes the step of conditioning the elixirs with Bach flowers, which is done in the traditional way
The vials are filled automatically, but most of the operations are carried out with the presence and human control. For additional safety, we automatically squeeze the drip cap.

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